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Victim dropped outside Harborview after 24th and Yesler shooting — UPDATE

A man reported as unresponsive and with gunshot wounds to his stomach was dropped off outside First Hill’s Harborview after a round of gunfire near 24th and Yesler Friday afternoon.

Police were responding and in pursuit of a vehicle carrying the victim which arrived at 9th and Jefferson around 3:20 PM outside the hospital. The victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the belly, according to police radio dispatches. Seattle Fire was reported performing CPR on the victim in the street outside Harborview in the middle of a chaotic scene amid friends and family of the victim. His condition is unknown at this time.

UPDATE 9/15/18 8:25 AM: The victim was identified on police radio updates as a male in his 30s and a 25th Ave S resident. UPDATE 9/16/18 9:00 AM: Friends and family say the victim in the shooting died and police are investigating the case as a homicide. Neighbors identified the victim as Marshall Bennett. He was 38. Police have yet to confirm the death publicly. UPDATE 9/17/18 2:33 PM: Police have confirmed the death but have not released any new information in the case.

The victim later died at the hospital. This remains an active and on-going investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call the tip line at (206) 233-5000.

Police closed the area around 24th Ave as they collected evidence including shell casings at the scene of the shooting. Schools in the area were also locked down for a time during the search for suspects. UPDATE: According to witnesses, the shooting took place at a 25th Ave S residence associated with the victim. Police found multiple shell casings at the scene and more in the street at 24th and Yesler.

The shooting adds to an ongoing tally of gun violence in the area. Wednesday night, police swarmed the area around 21st and Union after a bout of gunfire damaged vehicles parked along the streets. That shooting continued gun violence spiked in August in a string of shootings and drivebys. Police officials have said the violence stems from a resurgence in personal disputes and tensions between gangs in the Central District and South Seattle. Earlier on Friday, CHS heard updates on East Precinct radio about increased patrols in the area and along 23rd Ave.

UPDATE 5:52 PM: SPD has posted a brief on the afternoon shooting but included no additional details at this time about the victim’s condition:

Detectives are investigating after a man was shot in the Central District Friday afternoon. Witnesses began calling 911 just after 3:15 p.m. reporting shots fired at the intersection of 24 Avenue and East Yesler Way. Officers also responded to a report of a man being dropped off at Harborview Medical Center by car and confirmed it was the victim of the reported shooting. Officers were able to find a possible scene in the 2400 block of East Yesler Way. Witnesses in the area reported seeing a green sedan fleeing following the shooting. Detectives are now investigating and asking anyone with information to call the tip line at (206)233-5000. This remains an active scene and details will be updated as they are made available.

According to the latest analysis available from SPD from earlier this summer, gunfire incidents this year across the city are down from recent years:

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33 thoughts on “Victim dropped outside Harborview after 24th and Yesler shooting — UPDATE

  1. This hit took place across from a library where kids gather after school, in the afternoon as schools are letting out. Unbelievable.

      • I’m so sorry you witnessed this. Do you think this shooting involved the house on the southwest corner of 25th & Yesler nearby? There are always people hanging out in the yard and street there, day and night. Seems like an obvious place for police to stake out.

      • Absolutely it was that house: I have driven by it many times. Wish I had been more vigilant to see the license plate number. My main priority was to get to safety as I had people in the car!

      • Absolutely it was that house: I have driven by it many times. Wish I had been more vigilant to see the license plate number. My main priority was to get to safety as I had people in the car!

      • Thank you! If a house is well-known to the community as a source of drug-dealing, repeated shootings on the streets of the nearby areas, etc….it should not be that difficult for the police to find “probable cause,” raid the place, identify those with outstanding warrants and arrest them. To just ignore the problem is to be complicit in the crimes that are being perpetrated on the neighborhood. C’mon, SPD, do your job!

    • you sound just like a shitty person no one wants to live near or be around I know I don’t.Thats the home of a hard working lady who goes to work everyday to support her family and for some low life like you say those kind of things are messed up in the head

  2. More police on the street now! Tweet SPD! Tweet Chief Carmen Best! Go to the East PAC meeting on the 27th! This is too much.

  3. Get to know the facts First before you start condemning people Talking about Innocent folks
    Should have there houses rated stop that” Get the whole facts Cause we have enough police in the neighborhood as it is” What we need to do is watch out for the people that be jogging 4: or :5 in the morning and always have they dogs out Being nosy For no Reason Have a great. day

  4. SPD was actually all over this right away. For once one of the cars did not get away. Yes, I wish we had more cops too, but this time SPD was close by.
    I frequent that stretch of 23rd & 24th walking dogs daily. I’ve noticed a heavier SPD presence especially the past 2 weeks. I was wondering if something was going on.

    With all that said, I do wish we had more patrol officers.

  5. More police won’t change much unless there is police standing on every few streets all day and night.

    Easy access to guns is the problem.

    • Tom,
      Actually more policing in high crime areas would help reduce violence. And why not raid a house if there is constantly people outside at all times, or at least talk with them as a warning. The shootings and violence has gotten out of control and when a shooting happens outside of a high traffic house it raised suspicion. The neighborhoods from the CD to Rainier Beach are horrible now. I hear gun shots ever night

      • Thats right. Raid a house because people are outside of it?!?. How about raid the house cause people are IN IT doing illegal activity if thats the case. If they’re outside wouldn’t it be quite visible of any wrong doings. People aren’t allowed to gather in front of homes? The residents clearly are aware. The shit people say/think.

      • At the very least, police should investigate this house (and any others like it) and check if there are any outstanding warrants, which there probably are. Instead, they wait until shootings occur. What about some proactive policing?

      • Because raiding houses “where people are standing around” is not constitutional. For the police to raid a house, they need significant evidence that a crime is occurring inside the house. Also, how would you feel if the police stopped and talked to you “as a warning” if your neighbors felt you spent too much time outside?

        I totally agree that that house is a nuisance. This isn’t the first time this summer it’s been shot at, but standing around isn’t a crime. Getting shot at isn’t a crime. And since SPD has been publicly excoriated by local politicians and activists for harassment many times, I very much doubt any of them have any interest in doing anything that anyone could say looks remotely like harassment.

      • As a warning for what, being outside? It’s not illegal to hang out outside and the police have no legal probable cause to raid the house or they surely would have.

      • How are you going to raid a house just because people are standing outside? Last time I checked you could do whatever you want at your own property.

  6. Don’t worry, I’m sure the young black youth who fired the shots are responsibly and safely storing their guns as required by our illustrious Seattle City Council and Mayor Durkin.

  7. Bob – What you’re suggesting isn’t legal. SPD can’t go to a house and demand people ID themselves to check them for warrants. That’s not how the law works, thankfully.

  8. Which Nextdoor? I know the victim died, but I tire of the lack of information about who the victims and the perpetrators are when they are African American (at least thought to be) compared the soul searching that happens when those involved are white. Let us see who they are and perhaps have a window into some of the roots of the violence