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73 spookiest Capitol Hill Seattle posts… ever

Here are some of the best tales of mystery and paranormal activity from around Capitol Hill from the CHS archives. Feel free to tell us any Capitol Hill ghost stories you know about in the comments.

  1. Lake View Cemetery, Annotated
  2. The Williamson Sisters
  3. Meet the decomposers of Capitol Hill
  4. After mystery summer disappearance, Capitol Hill mystery soda machine mysteriously resurfaces


  5. A new haunting on Capitol Hill
  6. Dougsley the corpse flower in bloom at Volunteer Park Conservatory
  7. Garbage truck gone rogue closes streets around E Olive Way
  8. Dead can dance on Broadway (and they did Saturday night)
  9. CHS Crow | Lou, Carrie & Yohan — ‘The ghost messed with me a lot’
  10. The great Capitol Hill eastern cottontail mystery of twenty eighteen
  11. Death and density: 40,000 and counting make Lake View their eternal Capitol Hill home
  12. The Harvard Exits
  13. 80+ pictures from Pike/Pine Hilloween weekend 2017
  14. Broadway Chronicles | No Hands Man
  15. Big Boylston Ave raccoon bites woman
  16. CHS Video | A sea monster in Volunteer Park
  17. Man charged in string of fake FBI agent robberies
  18. Under protection of the Hex of Obsolescence, Capitol Hill artist creates Problem Glyphs
  19. Chalk number mystery on E Howell cobbles
  20. The ghosts of Hill’s indie bookstores past
  21. Sleepy bar patron rescued from Broadway nightspot
  22. ‘Capitol Hill is lousy with zubats’
  23. Capitol Hill Psychic Boutique — 23rd Ave neighborhood psychic has spiritual, California connection
  24. 16th Ave E’s ‘haunted house’ comes down
  25. Why is this black metal box at 10th and Pike?
  26. Scary 911 call at 17th and Olive turns out to be false report
  27. Solved: the mystery of the missing Stranger building rosettes
  28. The mystery of Seattle University’s disappearing Democrats
  29. Stranger Things: What are you wearing this year for Hilloween?
  30. Pikes/Pines | Gypsy moths are on the Hill
  31. Terrifying Hilloween Costumes
  32. New artwork in Chophouse Row builds on old foundations — the ‘ghost’ of a Capitol Hill farmhouse
  33. A look at the future of cinema with the ghost of the Harvard Exit


  34. CHS X-Files | #13Magnus
  35. CHS X-Files: The Joan Armatrading painting of 14th and Olive
  36. CHS X-Files | Capitol Hill drone pilot spotted, glowing orbs
  37. CHS X-Files: Mystery midnight boom rattles Miller Park and Madison
  38. The tale of the Winchester House of Capitol Hill (that never ever existed)
  39. Capitol Hill skinned squirrel mystery SOLVED
  40. Tale of the spooky business on 19th Ave E
  41. Identification of second body found in Interlaken Park still a mystery
  42. Happy Halloween Capitol Hill! Check out my real paranormal ghost video, if you dare!
  43. Take a spooky hike through Capitol Hill’s Lake View Cemetery
  44. Paranormal Investigative Unit Capitol Hill Office
  45. Paranormal Investigative Unit Capitol Hill Office reports — File #2012
  46. CHS Re:Take | The lost community of Boren
  47. Man found dead in car on Broadway E, Capitol Hill Safeway cleared by mystery odor
  48. No crime in E Pine truck vs. bike ‘attempted murder’
  49. Campaign against Confederate monuments targets memorial in Capitol Hill cemetery
  50. Ready! Capitol Hill’s Pac-Man pavement park takes shape
  51. Experts: Capitol Hill mystery soda machine disappearance ‘maybe’ time travel
  52. Missing on Bellevue Ave E: Harry’s Fine Foods signs
  53. CHS Pics | The Skipping Jestress of Capitol Hill
  54. Emmett Montgomery selects Capitol Hill for Secret Grandpa Subscription Service headquarters
  55. Meet the Klineburger Brothers and Capitol Hill’s taxidermy past
  56. First Hill memorial planned for officer killed in 100-year-old unsolved SPD murder
  57. The Nevertold Casket Company back from the dead on lucky 13th Ave


  58. Clown Girl spotted on Broadway
  59. Bring Slats Home: Friends, fans working to give Hill icon a place in Lake View Cemetery
  60. After 30 years on Broadway, The Byzantion makes way for ‘slightly mystical’ Spirit Animal
  61. Writers return to old haunts with ghost story at Capitol Hill’s Hugo House
  62. Capitol Hill novelist’s latest sci-fi work is written from the first-sea monster perspective
  63. Capitol Hill filmmakers shoot ‘lesbian supernatural thriller’ in a haunted mansion
  64. Visitors to his Capitol Hill grave — and the Pine Box — mark 40th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s death
  65. Digging up Capitol Hill’s mortuary past as the last funeral home works to prolong its life
  66. Patrick J. Sullivan House hits market just in time for Hilloween
  67. Spoiler Alert: Mystery of the Capitol Hill Mystery Coke Machine’s mysteries REVEALED
  68. 28-year sentence for murderer who dumped body parts in Central District recycling bins
  69. Is the Creepy Cameraman hanging out on Capitol Hill?
  70. Seattle Demo Project activates ‘the ghosts’ in Central District house slated for demolition
  71. Capitol Hill’s Civil War cemetery
  72. With the push of a button, nuanced Ghost Note Coffee opens on Capitol Hill
  73. Capitol Hill’s five most haunted places

    1) Harvard Exit Theater
    “When a second auditorium and screen was constructed on the third floor in the early 1970s, the ghosts of several women dressed in turn-of-the-century clothing began to appear. Most of the sightings were on the third floor and near a fireplace on the first floor.”

    2) The Ben Lomond apartments
    “Although she saw everything else, trees, the ground, bushes…everything where he was standing was illuminated but she he’d vanished. When she covered the light, there he was again.” More…


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