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CHS Pics | Amid a jelly’s tentacles, The Reef’s colorful new mural

(Image: CHS)

The Seattle and statewide marijuana retail and edible industries are pushing back on an out of the blue move by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board that could bring the end of candy-like pot edibles in the state in 2019 because, officials say, the colorful sweets are too appealing to children.

The Stranger reports that the Washington CannaBusiness Association, the Cannabis Alliance, and the Cannabis Organization of Retail Establishments have come out against the planned change in policy that would end the legal production of “hard candy (of any style, shape or size), tarts, fruit chews, colorful chocolates, jellies and any gummy type products.”

Hopefully ocean blues and jellyfish purples don’t appeal too much to children.

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Opened this summer as the first I-502 retail pot shop on E Olive Way and the third shop on Capitol Hill, The Reef now has a colorful new paint job by mural artist Weirdo.

As for the candy edibles, they’re still available at Washington retailers. At The Reef, you’ll find them — for now — amid a jellyfish’s tentacles.

UPDATE 10/15/2018: There’s more! Behold… Jacques Cousteau. Meanwhile, the liquor and cannabis board has put its edibles decision on hold.

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14 thoughts on “CHS Pics | Amid a jelly’s tentacles, The Reef’s colorful new mural

  1. There sure is a lot of stuff that appeals to children, but that they still can’t have. Good thing I don’t fold to my kids when they demand fruity colored pot candy…..What gives?

  2. Those snappy colors on the new Reef mural surely appeal to kids too, what if it reminds them of the Seattle Aquarium?

    Oh noooooes! There outta be a law!

    “Won’t anyone think of the children?”

    • they could’ve put a large, bright, flashing, led sign on the front of the building to blind people as they come up the hill. i think many of us that live next to this building see it as an improvement over its former self.

    • Anyone who thinks this isn’t an improvement, never had to look at it as Amante everyday. As others have said, that neon sign was atrocious! I like that they are adding art to the neighborhood.

    • First, it’s not ugly.

      You can say that taste is in the eye of the beholder, but if you actually prefer the Amante version of this space to this…you have forfeited your right to an opinion.

      You’re just wrong. Period.

      The mural is really great, IMO.

  3. Gotta give an A+ to The Reef. They’re a great little store. The employees are knowledgeable and always friendly. I used to go to Ikes on 15th but The Reef is literally a block away and is my go-to place now.