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Police investigate weekend Capitol Hill gunfire incidents

Police investigated gunfire and possible gang activity in at least two shooting incidents reported around Capitol Hill over the weekend.

Early Sunday morning just after 3 AM, police covered the area around 16th and Madison after 911 callers reported gunfire and the sound of squealing tires. Officers discovered broken glass and signs of a collision at the scene but no shells or bullet damage was immediately found in the area following the likely driveby shooting.

Police stopped a silver Dodge Charger at the nearby 15th Ave 7-11 following the incident and cleared the vehicle but no arrests were reported. Police investigating the incident were warned via East Precinct radio to beware of gang members spotted in the area of the gunfire. Earlier in the night, police were also warned of a car prowl elsewhere in the city that netted the thief two Glock and two Ruger handguns.

Saturday, police investigated a shootout that played out around 3:30 AM on Belmont near Pine as officers searched for two male suspects and a victim reported fleeing the scene. Officers found multiple shell casings but there were no reported injuries and no arrests.

Police also investigated a reported driveby late Saturday night in the 100 block of 10th Ave near Yesler Terrace.

The incidents follow the three-month “Operation Triple Beam Jet City” led by the U.S. Marshals office which reportedly rounded up dozens of suspected criminals with gang ties off the streets of Seattle.

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2 thoughts on “Police investigate weekend Capitol Hill gunfire incidents

  1. I’ve been noticing some gang style graffiti on the sidewalks and some building near Pike/Pine, so maybe there’s some kind of turf battle happening?