Roq La Rue rises again on Capitol Hill

After some wild years, “lowbrow” gallery Roq La Rue is back in the Seattle art scene and set to debut in its new Capitol Hill incarnation on E Pike during Thursday’s neighborhood art walk.

Creatura House was initially supposed to be more of a shop concept but unfortunately things developed that made it not possible to follow the original plan, so I started showing art again. Then, I figured if I was going to be a gallery — it should be the famous one, not the brand new one!” owner Kirsten Anderson tells CHS about her decision to put her E Pike space into motion as a new home for the longtime Seattle gallery favorite.


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Anderson’s Creatura House debuted in December 2017 as “a small gallery featuring rotating shows as well as shop focused on home decor and design.” The House also echoed with Creatura Wildlife Projects, a 501(c)3 non profit started by Anderson to protect endangered wildlife.

But Roq La Rue, the Belltown-born Seattle art space Anderson created in 1998 before moving to Pioneer Square and shuttering in 2016, lurked. “It was created to host the burgeoning art movement then known as Lowbrow-work that was inspired by counterculture movements with a dose of kitsch,” Anderson said. “Over the years that has morphed into work that is taken a bit more seriously.”

Thursday, Roq comes back to life with a continuation of Anderson’s Lush Life series featuring “everything from classic, mythic painting to wilder punk illustration,” Anderson says.

You can stop by to check out the show during the October Capitol Hill Art Walk from 6 to 9 PM to join the celebration of an E Pike art space that will remain part of the E Pike art scene.

Roq La Rue is located at 705 E Pike. You can learn more at

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