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60+ pictures of a not watered down Hilloween 2018

Congress has not — yet — moved Halloween to the last Saturday in October. This year, with Capitol Hill’s favorite holiday falling on a Wednesday night, Hilloween enthusiasm may have been a little watered down by weekend celebrations but at least the rain was never heavier than a drizzle.

CHS was on patrol in the Pike/Pine/Broadway zone to see how the big kids were playing and to count how many Elevens we could find (a dozen?). We also found a peculiar nautical element in the thick of the Hill’s trick or treat hot zone at 18th and Mercer where a “Hunt for Blue November” display included a trip through the guts of a Russian submarine complete with periscope and a Putin-on-a-porpoise (probably a dolphin) porthole before emergence at the steps for the Kremlin for a visit to the candy bowl. A family of matryoshka were in attendance. Putin was nowhere to be found.

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