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24-year-old South Seattle man victim in Capitol Hill deadly shooting — UPDATE


Family has identified the man who died in Friday night’s shooting in a shopping center parking lot above Broadway and Pike as 24-year-old Jafar Mack

The South Seattle man was shot and killed in the Harvard Market parking lot just before midnight.

Police received reports of a fight disturbance and an armed male in the parking lot and rushed to the area where they found Mack and a chaotic scene with possible suspects fleeing amid witnesses to the bloodshed in front of the shopping center’s Bartell’s.

Police say one person was detained and questioned but say there have been no arrests. SPD has asked anybody with information to call the homicide tip line at (206) 233-5000.

The parking lot above the QFC and Harvard Market shopping center has long been a late night hangout — and SPD trouble spot. In 2016, police and ownership stepped up efforts to keep the parking lot free of the large crowds that congregate on weekend nights after a woman was hit in the chest in a round of gunfire in the shopping center.

UPDATE: Ownership of the shopping center tells CHS that the upper lot had worked with SPD previously on limited hours and access but that the efforts did not seem to be effective. There have been no special restrictions in place in recent years and problems with crowds, the ownership representative said, seem to come and go with warmer weather and the seasons. Harvard Market employs security personnel to monitor the lot. The QFC is open until 1 AM nightly and the shopping center also advertises “evening public parking specials.” The representative said Friday night’s incident included the windows being shot out of one of the shopping center’s storefronts.

Occurring only ten days into the new year, Mack’s death was the first homicide of 2019 in the East Precinct covering Capitol Hill, the Central District, and nearby neighborhoods. There were three investigated in 2018, and two in 2017.

The last shooting death investigated by police on Capitol Hill happened in November 2016 as 31-year-old Jacob Osborne-Bash was gunned down at 13th and Olive.

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18 thoughts on “24-year-old South Seattle man victim in Capitol Hill deadly shooting — UPDATE

  1. I don’t think this the most flattering picture of this person. Leads the reader to interpret what this individual was doing and what they did to get shot. Hopefully he was just an innocent by stander. But my sense tells me he could have been up to more than that.

    • Why? Because he’s black he’s gotta be up to something. Couldn’t possibly be a bystander. From a photo you’re led to interpret that this past weekend he was up to something more than just being there? wtf is wrong with your head man, get it checked.

    • WTF??? What in this picture leads you to interpret anything about what Jafar was doing and why he got shot? He has a name that is clearly mentioned numerous times in the article and is not just an “individual”. I have a sneaking suspicion you don’t view young black men as actual people though. Also, your “sense tells” you that he was up to more? You have got to be kidding! It’s been awhile since I’ve seen such overt racism on here.

  2. Why is that lot even open at that hour? With the amount of crime there on Fri/Sat nights they should post a security guard and just close the lot at night. From the sounds of the scanner that night, with SUCH a chaotic scene officers were not available for other serious crime going on at the same time.

      • IN 2016 — for a while– the owners shut down the upper lot at 10:30, so they could definitely do it again:
        “Working in close partnership, the property owners and Seattle Police Department will be enforcing a parking lot closure on Friday and Saturday nights between the hours of 10:30 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. to any person without a valid residential permit. In addition, no trespassing rules and towing regulations will be enforced between these times.”

      • There’s a big underground lot available for QFC… it doesn’t seem unreasonable to close the top after the businesses that are up there (Bartell’s, UPS, the restaurants) are closed. It’s not like this is the first time that there has been trouble up there.

      • Yeah, I know about the underground lot. Lots of people prefer to park where there are people around, especially at night.

      • Well…. I was going to question why in the world you would want to park in a spot known to attract night time groups that fight and shoot at one another (the upper lot) *especially* if there were people around, but I see they haven’t actually confined their activities to the upper lot… some of the shooting and fighting has gone on inside too…. and I thought that lot was gated with an attendant (shows how much I ever drive on the hill, I guess). Sounds like they need a security patrol.

  3. You will forever be missed 😔 and fuck whoever has some negative shit to say about him or whatever tf he was doin! A young black man could be sitting on his own front porch drinking water and get killed for no fuckin reason! I went to school with him! I lived across the street from him he was good ass friend and a cool ass person so fuck anyone who got some shit to say! If u didn’t know him don’t speak on him!

    • They gunna be ignorant and think the worst no matter what smh a black man can’t even sit in his own dorm room, drink coffee, buy some snack etc without being killed or accused ! they didn’t know him like we knew him they didn’t spend years with him or around him and know who he was smh like I said fuck that person at the top! And anyone else who had sumn negative to say about someone who can’t even defend themselves now! Smh

    • You’re right plain and simple. I’m really sorry you lost your friend and then have to listen to a bunch of crackers speculate about his character or motives based on a photograph.

  4. Jafar was a sweet and respectful young man. I had the pleasure of knowing him and his sister. His presence will be deeply missed.

  5. That comment was literally insane That picture is jus him sitting there with a face shot That’s the least incriminating picture ever seen