Central District’s Union Market held up at gunpoint in Tuesday morning robbery

Police were searching for a suspect seen fleeing on foot through the icy slush after a Tuesday morning armed robbery at the Central District’s Union Market.

The just before 9:30 AM hold-up of the corner market involved a suspect seen pointing a handgun as he grabbed cash from the register of the corner store at 21st and Union.

The suspect was described as a black male in his teens or early 20s, around six feet tall with a medium build, and wearing a black hoodie, black sweatpants, and a black and white shoes at the time of the robbery. He was last seen fleeing southbound on 21st.

Police were searching the area but there were no immediate arrests according to East Precinct radio dispatches.

There were no reported injuries.


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6 thoughts on “Central District’s Union Market held up at gunpoint in Tuesday morning robbery

  1. C’mon SPD?

    How’s about c’mon criminals?

    Or, c’mon gun owners who don’t lock their guns up?

    SPD will never have the resources to protect each and every store in the CD, let alone the city.

    • yeah but this is one location that is known to have trouble. and there’s been a lot of gunfire along union recently, so SPD should be focusing on this block.

      also, SPD and everyone else knows that the culprit is most-likely hanging out at 23rd and union or 23rd and jackson.

      as usual.

      • There are dozens of locations around here “known to have trouble” but when the police try to increase their presence, they get accused of profiling and overreaching. Many residents seem unable to grasp that you can’t have it both ways.

        They can’t win for trying, which the comments to the Central District News fb page reposting of this story amply demonstrate.

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