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SNOWBRUARY 2019 — Monday update: Rain in ‘complicated’ forecast and a historic month for snow — UPDATE

UPDATE 6:10 PM: Sorry parents — school is canceled again on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the afternoon and evening snow has added up. Many streets are as slick as ever and there are reports of cracked branches and trees on wires around the Capitol Hill area.

UPDATE 3:57 PM: The National Weather Service says things are shaping up as planned and “temperatures will continue to very slowly rise.”

UPDATE 2:25 PM: As you may have noticed, it is snowing pretty good out there but reports are that warmer air is moving up from the south and changing the snow into rain. For now, we are adding another inch or so to our “historic” Snowbruary totals.

Original report: A week of snow and ice is ready to enter a new phase Monday after another blanket of snow covered Capitol Hill starting Sunday night. The forecast calls for more snow… and rain.

In what the National Weather Service is calling a “complicated” and “extremely challenging” forecast, Monday night is expected to bring a line of heavy snow north of Seattle and PROBABLY cold rain to the city and south:

Rain and snow, becoming all rain after 10pm. Low around 33. Wind chill values between 22 and 27. Southeast wind 13 to 21 mph, with gusts as high as 26 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. Little or no snow accumulation expected.

For Seattle and Capitol Hill, the forecast is a big change from earlier plans for a massive knockout punch of snow to hit the area in what is already the snowiest Seattle month in thirty years with more than 14 inches having fallen. CHS looked at the snowiest Capitol Hill days in recent years here.

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The updated forecast also could mean a week where things get back closer to normal with a rainy reset before more cold temps and possible smaller snow events again later in the week.

For now, Monday brought another round of school closures and calls for “non essential employees” to stay home and off the roads. Much of City Hall is shut down with City Council sessions canceled.

King County Metro remains on snow/ice routes.

From SDOT: “Gold snow routes: These are streets of regional importance for hospitals, buses, large trucks, and major employers. SDOT’s objective is to provide bare and wet pavement over all travel lanes within 12 hours of a significant lull in the storm.
Emerald snow routes: These are streets of citywide importance for hospitals, buses, and general traffic. SDOT’s objective is to provide bare and wet pavement for one lane in each direction within 12 hours of a significant lull in the storm.” Full map here (PDF)

As of 7 AM, SDOT’s winter weather map updates showed clearance work along Broadway and 10th Ave E, 19th Ave E, Union, and Pine with more to come to get things a little more passable into daytime hours.

Despite the robust snowfall Sunday night, getting around on foot and with some public transit help is fully achievable.

Stick to the city’s “gold and green” routes where streets and sidewalks have been prioritized for clearing and watch yourself on side streets where the snow and ice remain layered and slick.

SDOT says its crews will also be hitting the Broadway bikeway Monday to clear up the protected bike lane for winter riders.

You can also check the CHS Street Cams page before you head out. And the CHS Weather page has the latest reports from local observations.

Outreach teams from King County and the City of Seattle are available around downtown and parts of Capitol Hill to help people on the streets get out of the cold. You can help by dialing 2-1-1.

The county and the city have increased available shelters and warming facilities through the recent storms and into next week. A roster of severe weather shelters is here.

Despite many issues like downed tree branches, City Light and Seattle Fire have managed to keep wires cleared and power outages have been mostly limited to individual customers.

Stress from the snowy days may be piling up. Sunday night, TV news picked up this incident from Bellevue and Thomas that was being shared widely on social media — Seattle driver arrested in snowball rage incident.

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11 thoughts on “SNOWBRUARY 2019 — Monday update: Rain in ‘complicated’ forecast and a historic month for snow — UPDATE

  1. Nothing is done by the city to keep side walks or bike lanes open. The bridge over I5 off Roanoke footpath is covered and iced, as is the Montlake bridge. Clearly the car owner must get through – everyone else can rope up.

    • Why don’t we switch to the occupant being responsible for shoveling since 50% of property is rented. Or is that too much to ask ?

      I Dont have any answers on bike lanes or bridges – the city is clearly too busy making sure the motorist can speed through.


    “The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) spells out the law clearly: “Property owners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks adjacent to their property. They must make sure snow and ice does not pose a hazard to pedestrians.”

    I hope this helps. Of course, please keep in mind if you have an elderly or disabled neighbor, maybe we can all lend a hand and help them out.

  3. Yesterday afternoon
    the sidewalks at the SPD East Precinct HQ at 12th and Pine were totally unshoveled and iced. ‘Protect and Serve’ ha!

    • Saw that too, pretty disappointing.

      Also noticed that Lake Union Properties had cleared the walks around the finished apartments at 23rd and union, but not the Midtown block, which they also own.

  4. It’s been lovely and such a refreshing change from our usual dreary February. My neighbors and I have had an unspoken sidewalk shoveling showdown and we have been killing it.

  5. All the people complaining about non-shoveled sidewalks should have tried walking down E. Thomas on Monday. The owners shoveled, leaving an incredibly slick and thick sheet of ice where less slippery snow pack used to be. Sometimes it’s not worth shoveling unless you plan to salt.