I drank this on Capitol Hill: a Manhattan at the Roanoke

The Roanoke brought Weston on as a bartender about a year ago, but when he’s not serving regulars he “drinks at other dive bars and walks around Alki.” Weston’s favorite cocktail to make at the moment is a Maker’s Mark Manhattan with dry vermouth, a cherry, and bitters. “The gal that owns the place is real big into cocktails, she’s been pretty on me to learn stuff, so I’ve been trying to figure it out.” You’re well on your way, Weston.

I drank this on Capitol Hill is a semiregular photographic tour of some of Capitol HIll’s best cocktails and libations. Have a suggestion for something we should drink? Let us know in comments.

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4 thoughts on “I drank this on Capitol Hill: a Manhattan at the Roanoke

  1. Oof, dry vermouth – that could be rough. Sweet vermouth really balances out the whiskey to make a delicious cocktail. I wonder which specific vermouth they use.

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