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Next affordable project for Capitol Hill Housing? Station House

CHS began the week with coverage of hope for a new start in the Central District with the opening of the equitably developed affordable housing and mixed-use project, the Liberty Bank Building. We also noted that Africatown and nonprofit developer Capitol Hill Housing were looking forward to another possible collaboration with a new Africatown Plaza project at 23rd and Spring.

But CHH’s next addition to the area’s housing mix will come at Capitol Hill Station.

Station House will create 110 homes affordable for “working families” – people making roughly between $19,000 to $55,000, depending on family size. “Units will be a mixture of studios, one, two and three bedroom units,” Capitol Hill Housing says. “The first floor will include a 1,400 square foot community space open to the neighborhood.”

The project is currently under construction at 10th and John on the northeast corner of the housing, community plaza, and retail development rising around the light rail station. CHH says the final concrete deck will be poured in early April and then the wood framing will go up. The project is currently expected to be complete in spring of 2020.

Capitol Hill Housing is also working on plans for new affordable, LGBTQ-friendly housing for low-income seniors at 14th and Union.

Last week, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan signed the city’s new expansion of its Mandatory Housing Affordability expansion into law in the lobby of Capitol Hill Housing’s 12th Ave Arts building.

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  1. “The first floor will include a 1,400 square foot community space open to the neighborhood.” So basically shelter from the rain for the hobo junkies of the area?

      • so drug addicts are now “needy people” because they need to feed their addiction? Maybe we can throw a parade for them too to further exalt them

  2. So ugly and cheaply built. Places that don’t even have transit planned, have quality steel-concrete highrises that take less space on the ground. Here, right next to a mass transit station, it’s once again, short wide UGLY cardboard boxes. makes no sense. In Vancouver most tall buildings are build next Skytrain stations. Here all station outside of downtown(which doesn’t have that many residential buildingsI, have short cheaply built low quality 4-5 story buildings at best, otherwise just singlw family houses. Not to mention most station are not integrated with the community. people still have to cross busy streets, Mt Baker station and all the buses going north are separated by busy Rainier and quite a walk around a building, while there is a perfect turnaround area for buses right under the station. It shows that the planning is sloppy and lazy… Things like this are a turn off. Even if i have a free bus pass, I wouldn’t do that kind of transfer late at night…

    • That’s why they call it Hongcouver it looks like Hong Kong with all the high rise residential towers in Vancouver. Seattle still has a ways to go in its evolution before people here would approve of that.

  3. CHH doesn’t even take care of the properties they already have. The neglect and shoddiness is beyond belief. Having said that, please no more collaborations with Africatown. They are of a racial nationalist ideology that would never be acceptable if it was coming from any other cultural group. There are 3 times more Asians in Seattle than blacks but a million times more CHH services go to the latter than the former. If you are going to focus of minority groups at least focus on ones that are being shortchanged, not the ones who are getting far more than others. This really doesn’t help racial tensions one bit.