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Wanna be ‘jacks, sharpen up: Blade and Timber axe-tossing bar opens this month on Broadway

(Image: Blade and Timber)

With one of the most hype-filled openings of 2019 taken care of, another is right behind. And it is carrying an axe.

Seattle lumbersexual axe-tossers, you should sharpen your tools. Blade and Timber is planned to open on Broadway later this month.

A Blade and Timber spokesperson told CHS a few weeks back that the Missouri-headquartered company was planning a “mid-March” opening of its Capitol Hill location, its first in Seattle, and its first west of Wichita, whatever and wherever that is. Honolulu will follow as will locations planned in Minnesota, Miami, and Scottsdale.

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CHS broke the news last summer on one of the leading players in the axe-tossing bar trend making plans for Broadway. “We are acutely focused on meaningful, shared experiences,” co-founder Ryan Henrich told CHS at the time about their company’s recipe of interactive entertainment experiences like escape rooms and experiences its customers off all types can quickly master but are also viscerally memorable. “Remember that time we went to throw axes with grandma? The big thing is you’re a part of the experience,” Henrich said.

The first Blade and Timber opened in Kansas City in 2017. The company had plans for rapid expansion with a push to open a dozen more locations last year but has backed off of some of that ambition including axing a new bar planned for Portland on Vancouver Ave. The business operates like a bowling alley — you can book a private lane for $120 for 90 minutes or share a lane for $20. As for concerns about safety, it’s probably about as dangerous as being around your friends carrying around 16-pound balls.

The buildout with a welded, industrial look mixed with an organic feel from a sports turf tossing surface is in full swing and completely transforming the ground level Broadway retail space that has been empty since the Castle “sex megastore” chain moved its Capitol Hill location to Pike/Pine in 2014. The new lumberjack-friendly tenant and the overhaul is part of real estate investor Dhruv Agarwal’s plans to reinvigorate the building in anticipation of even greater growth in activity near Capitol Hill Station.

Above the coming axe tossing bar, the vegan rockers at the Highline remain ensconced in the bar’s longtime second story home.

The soon to open new Broadway entertainment venue, meanwhile, is currently hiring. Even if you never tossed axes with grandma, give it a try if you like the idea of mixing sharp objects and alcohol in your work.

Blade and Timber Seattle is set to open later this month at 206 Broadway E. You can learn more at

UPDATE: They’re taking reservations for a “grand opening weekend” —

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