Dozens of shots but no reported injuries in shootout near 23rd and Jackson

There were no reported injuries as bursts of gunfire rattled the area around 23rd and Jackson and put nearby schools in lockdown Wednesday afternoon.

Seattle Police rushed to the reported shooting scene near 23rd and Main just after 2 PM after a report of dozens of gunshots. According to East Precinct radio dispatches, police were searching for two to three suspects reportedly armed with handguns seen by witnesses as the melee broke out. Some witnesses reported that the shooters appeared to be juveniles and at least one possible suspect was reportedly riding a bicycle as he fled the scene. Police were also looking for vehicles possibly involved in the shootout.

Nearby Washington Middle School went into “shelter in place” status following the shooting according to SPD radio reports. Garfield High School was also briefly locked down during the SPD response.

Police found no victims at the scene and were continuing to collect evidence in the area.

CHS reported here on SPD’s efforts to curb gun violence in Seattle in the midst of continued shootings around the Central District and Capitol Hill including a homicide in Cal Anderson Park.


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7 thoughts on “Dozens of shots but no reported injuries in shootout near 23rd and Jackson

  1. That parking lot has been just out of control since the Midtown Center was fenced in. I know. I’m “that guy”, but for real, it’s gotten bad lately. Sort of reminds of the 2000 block of Madison back in the early 2000’s.

  2. Garfield was not put on lock down
    But it probably should have. Nova high school on cherry street was.
    We were told minutes before students were released at 2:30 that gun shots were fired near Starbucks on Jackson and on Cherry.
    Better communicate is necessary by school district and community.

    • Nova went into “Shelter-in-place”, not complete lock-down. but most of the teachers treated it as a lock-down because i was so close and the people were mobile. i do agree though that Garfield should have been on lock-down.

      • Yes, my child goes to Garfield and also reported that the principal simply went on the loudspeaker right before the students were let out to tell them “to try to avoid” these locations. I was picking my student up at this time and saw kids heading unconcernedly in all directions, laughing, chatting, on their cellphones. Not exactly the safety-minded response that one would expect of a principal, and clearly not enough of a proper warning for the students.

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