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Capitol Hill Community Post | Everybody’s Watching: A Seattle Based Sitcom

We’re making a half-hour comedy called, Everybody’s Watching, about the dreams you don’t give up on. Think Community meets Silicon Valley with a hint of Scrubs. The script is written. The actors are cast. The camera is ready. Now we just need to finance our pilot episode — that’s where you come in!

The humans of The Everybody’s Watching Team work in the tech industry for Amazon, General Assembly, Tableau, Microsoft, and [and many more tech giants]. By night, we’re actors, film makers, writers, and directors holding onto hope that the dream of doing work you love, isn’t dead.

We believe this half-hour comedy contains a story that will resonate with many people living and working in a big city — especially Seattle. Everybody’s Watching follows Rob, a Program Manager at the Seattle-based tech giant, Microzon. Even though Rob has a “cool” job, it means nothing to him more than a paycheck. Rob wants to break free of his lifeless corporate job to live out his dream of becoming an actor. But the very corporate job that allows him to live a comfortable lifestyle and fund his passion is also the same corporate job that hinders him from pursuing it.

But the show is not about Rob’s pursuit of acting; it’s about his pursuit to pursue acting.
Rob’s full time job is constantly keeping him from pursuing his acting dream. His perseverance for his passion forces him to live a double life. The more Rob fights the oppression of the corporate structure he’s trapped inside of, his two lives merge more and more together creating a series of extraordinary conflicts that turn normal circumstances in his work and everyday lives into exaggerated theatrical genre-twisting performances.

So, watch our pitch video and dive into the story that we’re hoping to tell. Go watch it! Literally, it will take 3 minutes and 25 seconds from start to finish. Learn more about the campaign and join the team here —>

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