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Hooters ‘coming soon’ to Capitol Hill

A Capitol Hill future prophesied by pranksters in 2007 is becoming reality. It is true. Hooters is coming to Capitol Hill.

Kind of.

Portland-born Little Big Burger, gobbled up by North Carolina-based Chanticleer Holdings in 2015, is rumbling toward an opening at 12th and Pike in a long-awaited buildout of tenant space in the Beryl Apartments mixed-use development that rose on the corner more than three years ago.

Bishop’s, another Portland-based brand, opened in the building in January of 2016.

Chanticleer, a publicly traded company that “owns, operates and franchises fast casual and full service restaurant brands,” also holds Hooters after taking over the chain known for “casual beach-themed establishments feature music, sports on large flat screens, and a menu that includes seafood, sandwiches, burgers, salads, and of course, Hooters original chicken wings” in 2011.

In 2007, a prankster feasted on Capitol Hill’s already bursting fear of cultural death with signs announcing a Hooters was “coming soon” to Broadway’s new at the time Brix condominium building. The prank’s execution wasn’t that sharp — see also: Spin Cycle ‘Korean Thai Pho’ prank, the great Pine/Pike prank of 2011, and Costco Coffee coming to Union and Broadway in 2014, and 2019’s Fryer Fest on Broadway  — but the signs hit a nerve and got plenty of attention.

Little Big Burger, instead, will have to enter the Capitol Hill burger wars on its own merits. “Little Big Burger specializes in fresh, high quality cooked-to-order burgers and fries in a fast and friendly environment,” Chanticleer writes. “Developing an iconic brand and cult-like following in the Pacific Northwest, LBB has received a significant amount of local and national press for its burgers made fresh to order with quality ingredients that are sourced locally and delivered fresh daily to the restaurants.”

“LBB is also known for its unique environment that creates an energetic customer experience with broad customer appeal,” they add.

The chain opened its first Seattle location in Wallingford this fall and the 12th and Pike opening will reportedly be accompanied by the opening of a third near Green Lake.

There is no announced opening date for the Capitol Hill location but final touches like signage permits for 1200 E Pike are moving into place. You can learn more at

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10 thoughts on “Hooters ‘coming soon’ to Capitol Hill” -- All CHS Comments are held for moderation before publishing

  1. Boring…. That place will be out of business before you know it. They have to understand the neighborhood to know if cheap burgers will fit on caphill. We already have Dicks. That’s plenty of cheap hamburgers. Bring in organic grass fed beef and organic options, then you might be talking.

    • I know this is Seattle, but let me make it simple:

      * Dick’s is garbage for drunk or broke people.
      * LBB is real food, a la Shake Shack. (but different product)

      You’re welcome.

    • Who said they’re cheap?
      But we definitely have plenty of burgers already. Not sure why they think the neighborhood is clamoring for even more.
      Definitely concur though, Dick’s is garbage dood for the penniless, or the drunks. Or penniless drunks.

  2. The hipster food trends are continue to trend toward the unhealthy: pizza, premium ice cream and beef. I don’t want to pay for your heart bypass.