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Jayapal hosts Medicare for All Speak Out on our Capitol Hill

Our rep in the House of Representatives has a plan to fix the country’s broken health care system including coverage for “essential medical needs, including hospitalization, doctor visits, mental health, vision, dental and long-term care” while “controlling costs and allowing for free choice of doctors and hospitals.”

Saturday, Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA 07) will be on our Capitol Hill for a Medicare for All Speak Out:

Congresswoman Jayapal’s Medicare for All Speak Out

Jayapal is slated to answer questions about the legislation during the 90-minute session. “We’ll also invite members of the community like you to share your health care stories and take action to continue building the support for the Medicare For All Act of 2019,” organizers write.

Jayapal introduced “the most ambitious plan for government-run health care yet” in February that could create a future “where all Americans have health coverage and pay nothing out of pocket when they visit the doctor or hospital.” Critics have knocked the plan for not addressing how it would be paid for. Jayapal has pointed to “a wealth tax or repeal of Republican tax cuts as possible options for paying for the system,” Vox reports.

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Aaron Brethorst
Aaron Brethorst
1 year ago

She’s the Representative for the 7th Congressional District not the 43rd (federal vs. state).

1 year ago

Yes, sorry. Corrected!

Bob Knudson
Bob Knudson
1 year ago

I have long been a supporter for “single payer,” but I’m afraid that Jaypal is facing a very steep, uphill battle. The insurance and health care industry is just too damn powerful to let this happen.