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USPS to hold meeting on East Union post office ‘relocation’

Long gone — but maybe coming back? (Image: CHS)

After telling customers their best bet was to head to Capitol Hill for mail services, the United States Postal Service is now talking relocation when it comes to a post office near 23rd and Union.

USPS officials have scheduled a May 2nd public meeting to talk about a new Central District location. USPS real estate specialist Greg Shelton will be in attendance to discuss options.

The session appears to represent big change from the beginning of the year as the post office made way for coming redevelopment at Midtown Center. “We will return once the re-development has concluded,” a spokesperson told CHS at the time. “In the meantime, we are suggesting that our customers go to the Broadway Post Office for their mailing needs.”

It isn’t clear if that timeline has changed but District 3 representative Kshama Sawant, with the 2019 race for her City Council seat heating up, is calling on supporters to join her at the May 2nd meeting.

East Union post office relocation meeting

“I believe it’s unacceptable that such a huge swath of our city has effectively become a Post office desert,” Sawant said in a statement on the closure. “The 23rd and Union Post Office served a vital public purpose to tens of thousands of people who live in central Seattle.”

Sawant has also launched a petition collecting names, and contact information including street address and email in support of a new CD location.

The 23rd and Union post office was one of a handful of businesses and services that have moved or shuttered to make way for the Midtown: Public Square project that will create hundreds of new apartments and thousands of square feet of commercial retail space anchored by a new drugstore.

While it is possible that space could be made for USPS in the new development, government post offices aren’t the only options for mail services with an increasing number of private providers joining the field. In the Central District, The Postman opened last year with mailing services and mailbox rental business at MLK and Union.

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6 thoughts on “USPS to hold meeting on East Union post office ‘relocation’

  1. It figures Ms. Megaphone would be there. I was considering going until I read that. No thanks, don’t need to be an extra in her publicity photos.

  2. “Post office desert” lol what a drama queen

    This does confirm that Kshama is at least occasionally aware of where District 3 is, though.

  3. Jim and Adam, I am not sure why you are trying to make this about CM Sawant. It is fine that she is supporting it. Many of us have been working on it since before the USPS closed and were in contact with Rep. Adam Smith’s office and other electeds. It is about the services we need and should not be denied. Those of you who are focusing on Sawant now were obviously not paying attention then. I know that I contacted this blog about it and there was a story about. Now you seem to be upset just due to her support of it. Were you paying attention before? Did you spend time writing the congress person’s office or other electeds who might be able to help? This is about ensuring the Central District maintains good services for its residents.

    • It’s not about not supporting the intent. And don’t presume we’re not paying attention. I was before and I am now. I’d just rather submit my input via other available methods rather than being part of an interested crowd that she grandstands and positions herself in front of, in order to make herself—yet again—the focus, rather than the issue at hand. She doesn’t NEED to have a crowd and a bullhorn to be involved in these negotiations. But that’s her style. She just can’t do it without a PR opportunity. I’d just rather not be an extra in her movie.

      • I agree with Jim. It would be nice if she did her job without making a bullhorn spectacle of it. She only shows up or answers the phone or emails when it suits her, not the district. Sweep the council, and include her in the housecleaning.

  4. Also, can we stop conflating USPS with private services? The two are not the same. That’s not a knock on private package and mail services – but they exist for different reasons, and CM Sawant is actually correct in identifying the “Post Office desert” once the 23rd/Union location shut down (regardless of how we feel about her involvement and grandstanding).