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Life on Mars — Capitol Hill’s most anticipated plant-based DJ vinyl bar of 2019 — plans June opening

You should start watching for signs of Life on Mars this week.

Because dad jokes.

Are rad.

And also because the new vinyl bar’s signs are going up, the requisite Weirdo mural is in progress, and the plant-based menu has been posted. Life on Mars is ready to open.

In an era when big hype Capitol Hill food+drink openings have mostly given way to smaller scale newcomers or new ownership and reinvention, Life on Mars is headed for what will likely be the most buzzworthy opening of the year in Pike/Pine. The plan, ownership says, is lined up for an official opening the second week of June. But you’ll likely see the place at the corner of Pike and Harvard in motion beforehand.

And you will definitely feel the hype. Life on Mars is the product of a collaboration between two Seattle music super couplesLeigh Sims and Steven Severin represent the Neumos side of Seattle rock royalty behind the project while Seattle’s king and queen of independent radio, Amy and John Richards –John in the Morning of KEXP— round out the new royal family.

Life on Mars, Sims says, will have “seriously deep, comfy booths,” and “a gigantic wall of vinyl, delicious drinks, high-fidelity sound, and a plant-based menu.”

“The vinyl wall holds over 5,800 records (we think, we haven’t had time for an exact count of all those friends), including feature records for sale that will rotate monthly, and you’ll be able to pull one down and have us give it a spin during happy hour and open to close Sundays,” Sims writes.

Food will be, indeed, vegan DJ friendly with plant-based burgers ($12 to $14) and “waffle sandwiches” ($13 to $14) at the core of things. Life On Mars will also feature “classic cocktails and a few simplicity-done-well drinks like the Original Line Up with bourbon, grapefruit juice and maple, or Death by Juniper: dry gin and juniper berries, fresh citrus and rosemary. Craft beer and wines will have an emphasis on local brands.”

The opening will kick a center of Capitol Hill nightlife back into motion. The most recent resident of the corner before the construction of the mixed-use building Life on Mars calls home was the 95 Slide sports bar which closed to make way for construction in 2016 bringing a temporary pause to decades of nightlife at the corner. This stretch of E Pike has been busy with new projects — kink and leather shop Doghouse Leathers debuted its new retail complex across the street earlier this month.

Life on Mars is set to officially open June 9th at 722 E Pike. You can learn more at

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5 thoughts on “Life on Mars — Capitol Hill’s most anticipated plant-based DJ vinyl bar of 2019 — plans June opening

  1. Gotta say it’s funny to be the most anticipated plant-based DJ vinyl bar of 2019…as I bet we’re the ONLY plant based vinyl bar of 2019. See y’all soon.

    • Best of Luck on an amazing adventure. You and Leigh have always been successful and I am assuming your partners are just as successful. Can’t wait to come visit.
      Auntie Paula

  2. People always lament the loss of Old Seattle but when a vegetarian friendly vinyl bar replaces a shitty sports bar my heart sings a song for New Seattle.

  3. Vegan-rapper Grey, king of the phrase “plant-based drippin,” would be a great person to have perform there this summer. Clean hip-hop with a now vibe

    • I like th idea of it however we’re not going to have live performances. It’s a bar that has food and you’ll hear great music, but that’s it. There’s a couple of great venues down the street like Neumos and Barboza so I’d hit them up, but no live shows in this space. Thanks though.