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After brief lull, District 3 candidate forums and endorsement meetings kick back into gear — UPDATE

Though there have been parties — Tuesday night, Egan Orion kicked off his campaign at Sole Repair while Zachary DeWolf chose The Summit event space for his launch event — and get out the vote efforts, it has been a relatively quiet start to June for the candidates vying for the District 3 seat on the Seattle City Council. That’s set to change with another round of candidate forums and endorsement meetings.

Perhaps the most important from a campaign momentum perspective will come next Tuesday as the 43rd District Democrats gather for their summer primary endorsement meeting. In 2015, the influential group’s lack of support for fellow Democrat Pamela Banks was a sign of things to come as the challenger was eventually blown away by the Socialist Alternative powerhouse campaign of Kshama Sawant.

CORRECTION: We’ve updated this post with information about changes in the 43rd’s endorsement process. Sorry for the error and confusion.

With a new lineup of challengers in 2019, Sawant could head to the 43rd District meeting next week with a new mission:  an endorsement. She — by the 43rd’s new bylaws — is now eligible for the group’s formal support.

10.3 To be eligible for endorsement, a candidate in a partisan race must declare as a Democrat

Last month, Sawant scored an early victory when the 37th State Congressional District’s endorsement process for Seattle District 3 ended with a “no consensus” result.

Meanwhile, 43rd District straw poll winner Orion will hope to continue staying in favor with the Democrats enough for their endorsement in the summer top-two race to go through to the fall General Election.

More candidate events are coming this week. Thursday, Central Area Neighborhood District Council is holding its D3 forum and Central Seattle Greenways will follow with a Monday candidate walk and forum.

D3 candidate walk and forum

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4 thoughts on “After brief lull, District 3 candidate forums and endorsement meetings kick back into gear — UPDATE

  1. Just wait until the PACs, CASE and “People for Seattle,” led by Amazon and Burgess, respectively, make it rain corporate money.

  2. This article is wrong. The 43rd District Democrat’s voted to revise our bylaws, wherein which candidates vying for our endorsement no longer need to identify as a democrat in non-partisan races in order to be eligible. This means candidates like Kshama are perfectly qualified to be endorsed by the 43rd.

    Joey Wieser
    Communications Committee Chair
    43rd District Dems

  3. The pertinent word in the bylaw is “partisan” race. City council is officially a non-partisan race; any council candidate who fulfills the 43rd’s other requirements (submitting a questionnaire, being nominated at the endorsements meeting) is eligible.

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