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CHS History | Joel Reuter standoff, Capitol Hill Station ‘Pride flag’ icon, 24th/Spring homicide

Here are the top stories from this week in CHS history:



Eyewitnesses: Capitol Hill’s mystery soda machine has disappeared — UPDATE

At least one person shot as gunfire rattles Central District’s Midtown Center

Why isn’t Capitol Hill more afraid of crime?



With new location in works, Purr plans 11th Ave ‘Going Away Party’

Capitol Hill Community Post | Vision Zero By 2030 (in case I live that long)



MTV asks Capitol Hill business owners to sign Real World filming agreements

Here’s why Capitol Hill Station’s escalators were reversed



Man dies in 24th and Spring shooting

High 5 Pie says goodbye to Capitol Hill, Mighty-O says hell-O

Sound Transit selects Pride flag as Capitol Hill Station icon



You’ll have to wait for Central Seattle’s only approved pot shop

Group targets Capitol Hill bar for support of anti-$15 minimum wage plan



Standoff with armed suspect locks down Bellevue/Denny area — Police say mentally ill man dead in ‘officer involved’ shooting

Friends mourn man who died in Denny Way standoff



‘One of Seattle’s biggest turds,’ north Broadway apartment building sells for $20.25M

The Elite shuttered on E Olive Way — ‘Re-opening soon’



Broadway Dance Steps lawsuit settled — ‘not worth continuing to fight’

8 PM paid parking reaches Pike — rest of Capitol Hill soon to come



New E. John landmark will tell you when you’re late for your bus (or streetcar or light rail)

Hill hardware: Why there’s a Pacific Supply and no True Value (yet) on Capitol Hill



Pony sighted

Driver arrested after hitting family crossing Aloha/15th intersection – UPDATE

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