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Police search for suspect after shooting victim found at Broadway and Howell — UPDATE: No shooting, SPD says

(Image: SPD)

A man was shot multiple times and police were searching for the assailant in an incident at Broadway and Howell just across from Cal Anderson Park and near Seattle Central College.

UPDATE 6/26/19: SPD has dropped a bit of a bombshell on this one. Monday’s shooting victim wasn’t shot:

The victim does not have any injuries consistent with gunfire. At this point in the investigation, detectives have not found evidence of a crime or a shooting.

The new revelation lines up with information previously reported by CHS — there were no witnesses to the incident and police had been unable to establish the location where the reported shooting took place.

Original report: Seattle Fire was called to the scene just after 8 PM Monday after a man told passersby he had been shot. SFD was at the scene with the victim who was transported to the hospital but we do not have further information on the man’s condition. UPDATE: SFD describes the man as in stable condition.

SPD was searching the area including Cal Anderson, Seattle Central, and the nearby Capitol Hill Station after getting description information from a witness.

Police had cordoned off Seattle Central’s main building and were searching the building. According to the school’s calendar, Monday was the first day of the campus’s summer quarter.

“We’re fine,” one person who said she was inside the building during the search posted to social media. “There seems to be a lot of police in the building and we’re confined to the lecture hall. Econ teacher is still lecturing surprisingly.”

The suspect was described as a white male in his 50s, around 6’4″, with a grey beard and glasses, and wearing a leather jacket and jeans, according to East Precinct radio updates.

Police were also searching for a shooting scene and trying to determine exactly where the man was when he was shot.

Broadway was closed from Denny to E Pine during the response.

UPDATE 9:15 PM: Broadway was being prepared for reopening and the search was winding down. CHS is not aware of any arrests made in the incident.

UPDATE 9:26 PM: SPD has posted a brief on the incident:

Police are investigating after a man was shot multiple times in the Capitol Hill neighborhood Monday evening. Officers were dispatched to the intersection of Broadway and Howell Street just after 8 PM for a report of a man who had been shot. Officers converged on the area and found a man who had been shot three times. Seattle Fire Department Medics took the man to Harborview Medical Center where he is currently in stable condition. The victim told officers he was shot by a white man in his 50s but couldn’t provide anything more. Security guards for a nearby college told officers they had spotted a man who matched that description in a classroom at the school. Officers searched the entire campus but did not locate anyone matching the description. Detectives are now working to determine the circumstances that lead up to the incident. Officers will remain in the area throughout the night. If you have any information in this case please call the tip line at (206)233-5000

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10 thoughts on “Police search for suspect after shooting victim found at Broadway and Howell — UPDATE: No shooting, SPD says

    • “The suspect was described as a white male in his 50s, around 6’4″, with a grey beard and glasses, and wearing a leather jacket and jeans”

      I’m guessing this wan’t a WooHoo girl, so I guess it was a Tech bro?

      • I don’t love the new capitol hill culture but I hate these stupid terms that are used to judge people by people who hate judgement.

      • any drunk person, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation that gets shit-faced drunk and yells at the top of their lungs, after last-call, as they are walking through residential streets to get to their car.

        not just girls. i hear tons of guys doing it too and have seen it from people coming out of R Place and Neighbors. mostly, it’s just a pejorative that some folks on capitol hill like to bandy about to mean those that they don’t approve of being in the neighborhood.

  1. I just don’t understand this. How can a shooting happen in such a public area in daylight on a beautiful night where tons of people are hanging out, right across the street from the police station in an area known for its criminal activity, and the guy is still at large? How incompetent are the freaking police? Why is there no regular foot cop in that section of the park when fights break out there all the time? And they don’t even provide enough information to the public over 24 hours later so we know whether it was a random or targeted act?

    It’s so frustrating. A lot of us walk through that park every day and would really like to know if this was just a drug deal gone wrong or if there’s an actual psycho out there randomly attacking people.

    • Blame the voters for electing losers to Council, KC Prosecutor office and a deadbeat loser City Attorney who all facilitate criminal activity and refuse to prosecute gun crime. Meanwhile the moron voters pass gun safe storage as a feel-good measure and prevent the police from doing their job, and yet you wonder how this happens. LOL.

    • The man said he was shot and presented with some sort of wound. Police left him with ambulance folks and went on a hunt for his alleged assailant. Turns out, he wasn’t shot at all. Sounds like incompetent victim, not incompetent police. And if you want more patrols at the park talk to the city council which drove hundreds of officers away from Seattle in the past few years. Consider yourself lucky if the police can show up to your home invasion, THAT is how short staffed they are.