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Capitol Hill Community Post | Urgent: Magician needed to host the LeapForward Community

From LeapForward

Can you help? Our non-profit community Leap Forward comes to Seattle next week (!!) for our bi-annual retreat from 17th-25th of July. We are 16 adults and we don’t have a house where we can stay yet.

Leap Forward works on creating immersive trust-based communities in service of (1) deeply refining one’s essence, and (2) radically stretching our capacities for listening, caring, and cooperating… Because really, isn’t that what’s needed to address the world’s complex problems these days? We all have so many great ideas and even better intentions to change the world for the better. And yet, how often do we fail to get ideas off the ground because we simply haven‘t been wired (yet) for true, authentic collaboration?

Will you please help us make this miracle happen by sharing this post and/or the flyer attached with your network, especially people who resonate with our community’s work?

Thanks for leaping in to play with us, to tap into your own radical cooperation, and for supporting us as to bring our community service to Seattle!

With love & joy,

seattle flyers v5 (1 per page – pdf)

About Leapforward

We are a 16-person community with diverse members from around the globe, on a mission to be the change we want to see in the world. Our members include Muslim, Catholic, Jewish, Atheist, African American, Chinese, Hispanic, and Caucasian. We are scientists, business people, spiritualists, technologists, artists, impact investors, activists. We are people living paycheck-to-paycheck, millionaires, single, married, divorced, parents, grandparents, people in our twenties, thirties, forties, fifties and sixties. United by our feelings of pain and grief arising from our sense of isolation and disconnection from ourselves, each other and our magnificent home – our planet – we create safe and supportive spaces for us to share our deepest fears and greatest wishes. Through our deep listening practice we help each other reveal our individual gifts and purpose, while experiencing a powerful sense of community and trust. Together, we are committed to live authentic, connected, creative, cooperative and meaningful lives. Inspired by a sense of wonder, respect and gratitude we are growing and sharing our love with conviction to contribute to a peaceful and just society and a thriving planet.

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