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Coming soon: the corner of E Barbara Bailey Way and Broadway

Bailey (Image:

Someday soon, you’ll be able to meet a friend at the corner of E Barbara Bailey Way and Broadway.

This week, the Seattle City Council unanimously approved legislation designating the short stretch of E Denny Way “festival street” running above Capitol Hill Station to honor the longtime Capitol Hill business owner who passed away late last year.

CHS reported here on the legislation and Barbara Bailey’s connections to Broadway and the much loved Bailey/Coy book shop.

Unlike the honorary street designations like the one to honor Mount Zion’s Rev. Dr. Samuel B. McKinney with his own Rev. Dr. S. McKinney Ave along part of 19th Ave in 2014, the E Barbara Bailey Way designation appears to be a full name change requiring a change of address for the one building currently on the stretch — you’ll have to refer it as the Barbara Bailey Way entrance to the light rail station soon.

While there has been no official word yet of when a ceremony will take place for the name change, the legislation takes effect 30 days after the mayor signs it.


When it does, the one-block route will be doubly celebratory. The festival street was designed as both a one-way traffic route above the center of the underground Capitol Hill Station facility and through the development, plaza, and AIDS Memorial Pathway that will open at the site in 2020 — and a plaza that can be closed to traffic and utilized for events and gatherings.

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