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I drank this on Capitol Hill: Florida Man at Liberty

Will Burnett loves to cook and ride his bike, but we found him slinging drinks at Liberty on 15th. When we asked for a patriotic cocktail, Burnett’s immediate choice was “Florida Man,” a cocktail made with rum, orange juice, banana liqueur, and it’s carbonated with “our fancy carbonation machine” with some lime and simple syrup. A touch of Cappelletti, “a classic Italian herbal liqueur,” is added, then stirred with ice, and strained into the glass.

“It’s called Florida Man because of the OJ and there was the meme going around with the ridiculous headlines involving people from Florida. They all started out, ‘Florida Man did this or that stupid and ridiculous thing.’ We made a drink based around it. America is a country composed of all types of people, we’re a melting pot. All the way from the classic intellectuals from the Northeast all the way down to the backwoods Floridians living in the Everglades. We want to celebrate all parts of the United States.”

I drank this on Capitol Hill is a semiregular photographic tour of some of Capitol HIll’s best cocktails and libations. Have a suggestion for something we should drink? Let us know in comments.

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