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Who deserves your vote — and who is actually going through to November? Take the CHS District 3 Primary Poll

The ballots have been mailed. You’ve read the candidate answers to the CHS District 3 Primary questionnaire. You’ve pored through CHS’s ongoing Election 2019 coverage. Clearly, it is time for an online poll.

Let us know your thoughts on the D3 race and which candidate you are backing. Yes, “other” is a choice for any of you undecideds. We’ll leave the poll open through Election Day, August 6th but will be poking our head in to check out the results here and there over the coming weeks.

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22 thoughts on “Who deserves your vote — and who is actually going through to November? Take the CHS District 3 Primary Poll

  1. What is with all of the voters so far supporting Sawant. I agree with many of her policies but she is an ineffective leader and does not respond to the people in her district.

    • I’ve found her mostly responsive, especially if an issue is broached in a way that wraps into her general areas of interest.

      • An issue shouldn’t have to be wrapped up in a councilmember’s pet issue for them to be responsive to constituents.

  2. Being already in office carries a lot of weight, and she has a lot more foot soldiers than any of the other candidates. However, I think her support will max out at 45% or so.

    • Her “foot soldiers” (The Bolsheviks called them brigadeers) seem to be doing a bang-up job of antagonizing voters, gaining unauthorized entry to apartments buildings, etc.

      The “movement” is desperate to keep Sawant in office. If they don’t, she’ll be known as the first “socialist” to lose elected office in 100 years. Not a good look for a “movement” that aspires to nothing less than World Domination.

    • Agreed. I would have preferred a “rank the candidates in order of preference” question instead. That would have been more interesting.

  3. Even with her minions trying their best to make Sawant look “powerful,” (and you can be sure the word is out: “Go to CHS and fill out that poll!), she’s coming in third place.

    Bye Kshama! Good luck with the job search.

    • Yep, when I filled out the poll yesterday Sawant was in clear first place on both. Then everyone else started voting and now she’s down to third.

      That said, CHS is going to be a more Sawant-leaning audience. I feel like her base is people who care more about making a point than they do about their own neighborhood.

    • Between yesterday and today, it seems like Orion put his “flash mob” expertise to effective use. Finally able to apply his experience to his candidacy.

    • The posters themselves or Sawant? Both need to go. Churns my stomach to see name etched everywhere. Saddens me when I see those kids on Broadway trying to drum up support for her.

  4. I’m surprised by all the support for Bowers. I also know he has the most Democracy vouchers. But in real life I never see his street signs, I never hear people talking about him, he doesn’t have much media presence or any significant endorsements… is there a silent majority of Bowers supporters that I’ve been missing? What do y’all see in him?

    • I’m in favor of Bowers because he has the best grasp of policy, a pragmatic outlook on accomplishing legislative goals, and a vision (and plan) that could lead to a positive change in citywide housing & homelessness policy (especially if other districts vote in pro-housing, anti-sweep candidates).

      My process of elimination looked like this:

      BOWERS: Deep understanding of issues, strong policy proposals, and understands the council’s role in city gov’t. Agree with his positions.

      DEWOLF: Was flaky and unresponsive on the school board. Policies seem shallow, not well thought out to address issues. Sawant-y.

      MURAKAMI: Cannot vote for her.

      NGUYEN: Two years in Seattle, and it shows. Light grasp on local issues (except justice, her area of expertise). She could run strong in 2023 if she improves her policy depth/breadth.

      ORION: Policy lightweight with savvy advisors. Strong advocate for streamlining 5G approval – which seems odd until you realize that the $$$ PACs supporting him are funded by telecom corporations. A bought candidate.

      SAWANT: I’d vote for her if Murakami gets through the primary. Scary.

      • Yes, I went through similar thought process. The poll really helped. Liked Nguyen when she came to my door but she whiffed the transportation questions. DeWolf – nice guy but seen him in (inaction) at schools and he seems afraid of saying anything about policy. If Orion is interested in promoting innovation, he needs to say a lot more in a 2 minute video besides promoting 5G – shows poor grasp of this very cool thing about Seattle. Bowers personable in person (thanks for the doorbelling) and has grasp of policy. The rest not so much – and I want a more responsive rep than Sawant.

    • Bowers is progressive but pragmatic, and I think he is the best choice to get things done. I also think he will work well with new council members who might be more conservative to accomplish meaningful policy objectives. So, not consumed by ideology and reasonable enough to move issues forward on a potentially divided council. He has my support.

      • That sounds right. Progressive, and willing to work with centrists to make progress.

        Sawant won’t work on something unless it fits her socialists ideals. Sure, she might vote in favor of progressive policy (e.g. ADUs), but she’s not *contributing* to those policies, other than criticize them for failing to live up to her ideology.

        There’s a reason that it only took seat-warming (and progressive) Councilmember Pacheco a couple months to tire of Sawant’s unproductive antics. Sawant is a Socialist Scalia – strict textual adherence to socialist ideals with no room for compromise.

  5. Regarding yard signs, they are largely ineffective:
    and as pragmatic as Bowers seems, I expect he follows the data.

    But I think Bowers must be the hardest-working candidate in terms of actually reaching out to meet voters in the district. I’ve talked with a bunch of folk who he’s door-knocked. (I met one Sawant door-to-door volunteer, and I told her that an opposing candidate had come by a couple days before. She rolled her eyes and sighed “It was Logan, wasn’t it?” It was.)

  6. I would absolutely love it if Sawant doesn’t make it past the primary, and the results of this poll indicate that this is a possibility. But I suppose it’s too much to wish for.