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4,000 without power across Madison Valley, Madison Park

Seattle City Light said more than 4,000 customers were without power after a tree fell across power lines overnight.

The Friday morning outage covered large swaths from eastern Capitol Hill to Lake Washington.

Crews worked to restore electricity with hopes of having the lights back on in the area by noon.

UPDATE: SCL reported the outage was down to 1,100 customers as of 7:45 AM. As of 11 AM, it appears only a few dozen customers were still offline.

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6 thoughts on “4,000 without power across Madison Valley, Madison Park

  1. Anyone worried about oversleeping because their alarm is out needn’t worry: the news helicopter flying overhead for the last hour guarantees nobody in the area can sleep.

    • Yeah seriously that 6am helicopter wake up was giving me major apocalypse vibes. GOOD MORNING IS THE WORLD ENDING?? (oh, just a downed tree ok then)

  2. KIRO usually broadcasts its live camera feed on their app (and website) when the chopper is flying around. I checked this morning, and it was showing their default city skyline view, so I have to think jseattle is correct.