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911 | Broadway pepper spray melee, residential burglary spike, and how you can help improve police reporting in Seattle

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  • Police reports: You may have noticed CHS has been running fewer crime round-ups this summer. In the beginning days of the site, we used to go to the East Precinct lobby to dig through paper versions of the latest crime reports. In recent years, access has been much improved with services like Tweets by Beat and Online Reports making SPD’s work as transparent as possible. After some Seattle Department of Information Technology work, the services became unavailable starting in May. Last week, Tweets by Beat came back online. Yay! But the system for giving access to SPD’s incident reports remains offline. Unfortunately, SPD long ago phased out the paper and later CD-ROM process for accessing reports meaning the only way to get the information is to ask for it on a case by case basis from a busy Public Information team or submit a public disclosure requests that takes weeks at best. Let the Seattle DoIT folks know (email) you appreciate the return of Tweets by Beat and would also like to see online access to reports restored ASAP! You can also let them know on Twitter @SeattleITDept. Thanks!
  • Broadway pepper spray melee: A 19-year-old woman was taken into custody for assaulting multiple people with pepper spray in a roaming street melee that made its way down Broadway last Thursday night. According to the SPD report on the incident, the fight started near Broadway and Harrison around 8 PM when a man was confronted over a possible theft from a nearby shop. A fight disturbance involving multiple people was reported as police tried to track down the participants along Broadway. Seattle Fire and police were eventually called to the Kimchi Bistro in the 200 block of Broadway E where two people were reported suffering from exposure to pepper spray. The male from the original fight and a woman were located nearby at 10th and Republican. Police identified the woman as the perp in the pepper spray attack and took her into custody. She was booked for investigation of assault. There were no additional arrests and no other significant reported injuries.
  • Madison Park burglary arrest: A large police response streamed to Madison Park Sunday night after a burglary at a home was interrupted in progress, SPD reports:
    Shortly after 9:00 pm Sunday, East Precinct officers responded to a report of an interrupted burglary in the 4000 block of East Prospect Street. Officers met with the homeowner, who stated that he had walked into the garage where he saw an unknown male holding an armful of the victim’s property. The homeowner stated he chased the suspect for a short distance before calling 911.
    SPD says the suspect was reported by a second 911 caller when he was spotted in a nearby backyard. Officers located the suspect, detained him, and he was positively identified as the suspect by the victim. The suspect was arrested and booked into the King County Jail for investigation of burglary.
  • Residential burglaries up: The latest SPD statistical analysis of crime trends for August shows a major spike in reported residential burglaries across the West and East Precinct. Overall, SPD says burglaries are up 11% across the two precincts but more troubling is the spike across May, June, and July compared to last year:
  • 15th Ave E death: Police and Seattle Fire were called to a 1000-block 15th Ave E home to investigate a reported self inflicted shooting incident the afternoon of Tuesday, August 13th. Police arrived to find a male in his 50s dead in what appeared to be a suicide inside the residence, according to East Precinct radio updates. Here are two resources to help those in need: National suicide-prevention hotline: 800-SUICIDE. Local Crisis Clinic: (206) 461-3222.
  • E Olive Way overdose recovery: Emergency responders were called to assist with CPR after a report that a man was unconscious and unresponsive from a heroin overdose in an alley near Summit and E Olive Way in a Monday, August 12th incident just before 6 PM. SFD says the 31–year-old man was revived and transported to Swedish First Hill in stable condition.

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11 thoughts on “911 | Broadway pepper spray melee, residential burglary spike, and how you can help improve police reporting in Seattle

  1. The apparent suspect in the Madison Park burglary was just arrested for the exact same thing ten days earlier. Five days in jail isn’t much of a disincentive for hardened, repeat criminals like this guy.

    He’s been arrested five times for serious crimes since May. Our city is not safe because our criminal justice system is officially a joke. Along with our city attorney

    • Why do you think they aren’t rushing to get the Crime reporting back online? I’m sure the mayor and the city attorney aren’t begging for better crime reporting since it’s trending up.

    • Residential burglary is a felony, class b, so the city attorney has absolutely nothing to do with it. This, and all felonies, are prosecuted by the King County Prosecuting Attorney. I’m all for a good rant, but at least have a minimum knowledge of how government works before you go off making an idiot of yourself.

      • Absolutely correct and Satterberg is just as big a useless knob as is Holmes. Would be great to see both go away.

  2. Hey Justin you fucking twat!! Why don’t you get some real news for your sad little rag instead of trying to profit off other people’s misery?? Kiss my big white ass you pathetic fucking twat!!

    • Yes, thank you for all your coverage! You do an amazing job and provide a great community resource. I appreciate your crime reports! Keep up the great work.

  3. Thank you for the crime reports, no matter how big or small. Screw the rude commenters. We have been dying to know the backstory of the shirtless dude being chased by wait staff North down 10th Ave, followed by a hysterical young woman yelling, “He didn’t do anything!” last Thursday. And although I’m still not completely clear on what the heck is going on, I appreciate the partial closure.

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