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Capitol Hill leather bar settles over city minimum wage and sick time complaint

Capitol Hill leather bar The Cuff has settled a sick time complaint with the Seattle Office of Labor Standards. The relatively small “financial remedy” will make sure dozens employees get their due, of course, but the payout can also serve as an educational moment for other employers who want to do right by the city’s Paid Sick and Safe Time and Minimum Wage ordinances.

OLS says it alleged that the Cuff was not paying the correct minimum wage in some instances and was rounding paid sick and safe time accrual down to the hour for 43 employees during the period.

“For employers paying the lower minimum wage and claiming the tip credit (now applicable to small employers only), hours worked in non-tipped positions must be compensated at the higher minimum wage,” OLS writes. “Additionally, employees must accrue PSST for all hours worked.”

The Cuff agreed to a $2,105.33 payment for the “43 aggrieved workers,” OLS said.

Other recent OLS settlements for area businesses include Zeeks Pizza as the chain was nailed earlier this year for “not disclosing on bills to customers the amount of service charges that went to delivery drivers,”

“The total financial remedy was $285,150.85 to 257 current and former delivery drivers,” OLS writes.

Madrona restaurant Vendemmia was hit for allowing “the manager and owner to participate in the tip pool” and required to pay $18,683.41 to some 26 affected employees, while Madison Park’s The Attic received “a formal determination of a violation” for failing to pay two employees “for all hours worked, and also failed to pay overtime and minimum wage.” The total financial remedy was $90,921.10, which included $86,721.10 to two affected employees and $4,200 in fines to the City of Seattle.

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2 thoughts on “Capitol Hill leather bar settles over city minimum wage and sick time complaint

  1. Good, hold these businesses responsible. If you’re a business and operating in Seattle do two things. Raise your prices and build your product to meet the prices. Expect more out of employees who are getting better wages and benefits. It can all work out. Cheaping your product and your employees doesn’t draw customers or employees. Clean up your act capital hill businesses! Build in tips to charge receipt and post a notice like molly moons has. Come on, you can do better!