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Police investigate gunfire incident near Central District park — UPDATE

Gunfire sent visitors at Powell Barnett Park scrambling after a shooting incident at 29th and Alder Friday afternoon.

According to East Precinct radio updates, witnesses reported eight or nine gunshots and multiple cars leaving the area around 2:40 PM near the MLK Jr. Way park.

Arriving police found bullet hole damage to a vehicle just east of 29th and Alder and began investigating the shooting scene.

It’s not clear if there were any injuries. A Seattle Fire dispatch sent aid units to the scene but there was no reported victim information. Police were headed to area hospitals to look for possible victims. UPDATE: SFD says its dispatch was canceled so no victim was found at the scene.

Gang detectives were called to the scene.

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8 thoughts on “Police investigate gunfire incident near Central District park — UPDATE

  1. Almost all of these perps don’t even live in the CD, they come into the neighborhood to build a rep or settle a score. They are almost certainly heading southbound to Kent or Federal Way.

    It’s really a staggering level of incompetence this still occurs considering 90% of these incidents occur Friday or Saturdays at about 6 – 8 locations within 2 miles of each other.

    The one common denominator is there is never a police presence until after the shooting, no patrols make these shootings easy to execute. Long term CD residents recognize the convoy of whaling police cars responding as they leave the east precinct. I saw it today and knew right away what happened.

    Foot patrols and parked police cars around these hot spots Friday and Saturday afternoon/evenings would prevent a lot of these incidents. At least in the spring when so many of these occur but all summer long would be awesome. Heck, even Friday afternoons when kids are walking home from school.

    Be a great change to have more stories about police officers join picked up basketball game or officers mingle with residents enjoying a cool beverage at a new neighborhood eatery.

    At least it’s not a weekly occurrence anymore and the next one will be a lot further south. Hope everyone is ok and the perps are already hooked up.

  2. A pickup truck parked on Alder got its drivers side window shot out. Sitting in the car parked directly behind that truck was a sweet little one year old girl. Thankfully she is OK. Also there where a bunch of kids on the Powell Barnet playground just feet from where this all happened. This crap has got to stop.

    • Activists and politicians can do all the organizing and sloganeering they want, but the gun violence will never stop so long as:

      -No-snitch is in effect
      -Repeat, violent criminals get light sentences
      -People give cash on the street, and that cash is funneled to violent dealers & vicious gangs
      -City Attorney acts like the Public Defender
      -Illegal possession of guns isn’t taken seriously
      -Gunfire locators remain off-limits
      -Friends and family reward young men & women for pursuing fast cash / mo’ money

  3. We live 2 blocks from here. The police used to patrol and even park a mobile HQ vehicle there from time to time and eventually flushed them out. But then Ed Murray entered office and enforcing the law went out of style. Now we can’t get a police officer to respond to calls unless gunfire has already been exchanged. This city has become an unsafe and quite honestly undesirable place to live.

  4. The block between 28th and 29th and Alder is a notorious and long established hangout for drug dealers and assorted gang bangers. Drug use is open, beefs are loud and frequent, and trash is everywhere. Worst of all, the entire street scene is only few scant yards away from the children’s swings at the park. If there ever was an area that demanded an extended emphasis patrol this is it: it’s a civic outrage.

  5. More shots just fired in the park Monday evening. Police looking around Alder btwn 28-29th. Anyone have any ideas what can be done about this other than call 911 after the fact? My neighbors met with neighborhood officer about this last summer but were just told to call 911 which doesn’t seem like a very good plan.

  6. Neighborhood leaders in the Alder between 28-29th should call SPD East Precinct and request to meet with a Community Police Team Officer.
    Organize a meeting of 2 – 5 neighbor leaders and the CPT officer.
    State the on-going problem.
    Work with the CPT to develop goals and strategies.
    Chose one or two actions for the neighborhood and East Precinct to pursue.

    • Thanks we did that last summer and met with police. They basically said they’re aware of problem, not enough resources, our only recourse is to call 911 for suspicious activity.