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SPD releases video plea for witnesses to March murder in Cal Anderson to ID shooter

A scene from SPD’s video on the March 2019 murder

Seattle Police have taken the unusual step of producing a video plea for witnesses to the March shooting death of a 21-year-old in Cal Anderson Park to come forward and help detectives solve the case.

“We know Hakeem was murdered in front of numerous witnesses, many of whom claim to be his close friends,” the narrator in the two-minute video says. “We also know that the suspect did not leave the park alone and that his identity is known to multiple people present that night.”

Hakeem Salahud-din was shot in the head and killed in a confrontation near the Cal Anderson basketball court that police now say started when his 17-year-old sister was punched in the face.

Salahud-din would have been 22 this week

in the video, police make a plea to those who were in the park with Salahud-din that Wednesday night to come forward and identify the shooter.

“Those who loved Hakeem and considered him family know who did this to him. Remaining silent only protects his killer,” the narrator says. “If you were loyal to Hakeem in life, be loyal to him in death. Let his daughters know his life had value. Someone has to step up and make the sacrifice to do what’s right.”

Witnesses can call (206) 684-5573 to provide information on the case.

The effort to ask witnesses to come forward in Salahud-din’s killing is an unusual step for SPD. In the summer of 2015, Ramon Mitchell, 23, was gunned down in a shooting in a Pine street parking lot, another incident with multiple witnesses that remains unsolved.

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6 thoughts on “SPD releases video plea for witnesses to March murder in Cal Anderson to ID shooter

  1. The indefensible “no snitch” rule is alive and well. Do some people distrust/hate the police so much that they choose to let a friend’s murderer remain free?

    • Yes. And rightfully so. The Seattle Police have done nothing to elicit even an iota of trust in them, especially in marginalized communities. And their Union’s resistance to any change whatsoever and complete denial that they have any bad actors is further proof. They are a corrupt and racist organization unwilling to change.

      • @iluvcaphill
        It is true that SPD historically, and even currently, has issues. But let’s put that aside for a second and just focus on this: I want justice for Hakeem. His murderer is still out there, for all we know we may have walked by them the other day. Don’t you want to see the culprit answer for their crime? I know I do.

      • @iluvcaphill: You paint with a very broad brush. The SPD is not perfect, and I agree with you about the police union, but to call the SPD a “corrupt and racist organization” is hyperbole.