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Where do Sawant and Orion voters live? D3 neighborhood Election Night voting mapped

With the dust of the primary election settling and ballot counts slowing to a trickle, Seattle City Council candidates who made it to the General Election in November are now gearing up for the second round of campaigning. Expect for things to swing back into action with a wave of forums starting next month including the GSBA’s event at the Broadway Performance Hall on September 10th.

Meanwhile, in mapping out their strategy, precinct-level voting data from King County Elections might help candidates figure out in which areas they could garner some more support — or which ones might be lost territory.

For the full picture, candidates including D3 City Council incumbent Kshama Sawant and General Election-bound challenger Egan Orion will have to wait a couple more days. Primary results will be certified August 20th. Precinct-level voting data will be released in the days following.

The precinct-level results CHS has mapped date from the night of the election represents 60% of ballots counted.

Since then, Sawant has shown her usual “late voter” strength, while Orion lost some ground. Currently, with 33,577 ballots counted, Sawant leads with 36.71% with Orion coming in second with 21.50%, a 3.9 point increase and 2.2 drop, respectively.

While waiting for the final tally, preliminary precinct-level results point to some trends likely to cement in the final data. Kshama Sawant gathers more votes in the denser, more racially diverse and renter-heavy heart of D3, Capitol Hill and Central District. Egan Orion does better in older, homeowner-tilted precincts near the water, including Madrona/Leschi and Madison Park.

Stay tuned for the final results maps — and more about what the hyperlocal breakdown might mean for November — soon.

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