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Broadway’s La Cocina is now La Cocina y Cantina

“La Cocina’s Cantina opening TODAY at 1pm. Congrats to Victor and La Cocina’s family. And there is a big TV showing the Seahawks!” — @whocanstandit

There is definitely some reposado and añejo on the wall. The rested and aged tequila got a little more time to enhance their flavors while we all waited but Broadway’s La Cocina is now, officially, finally, La Cocina y Cantina.

Victor Santiago opened his new bar expansion over the weekend just in time for Seahawks kickoff in the new overhauled space formerly home to a Starbucks.

CHS reported on Santiago’s project in June of 2018. Yes, the buildout took a lot longer than expected.

“I always dreamed of having my own cantina bar,” Santiago, who started working at the Broadway Mexican standard as a busboy in 1989, told CHS about the project last year.

Now, La Cocina is coming up on its 40th anniversary with a wall full of tequila and a new place to hangout alongside the restaurant.

La Cocina y Cantina is located at 432 Broadway E.

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