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Feed Co.’s new owners read the CHS comments: Central District joint sticking with burgers, adding booze

Don’t read the comments. Unless you’re the new owner of a favorite neighborhood restaurant exploring a concept change. Then, you might want to tune in, and work with the feedback.

“The area loves feed co so much, we can’t change that. :),” new owner Thanh Nguyen tells CHS about the decision to simplify planned changes to the 24th and Union restaurant after a new group of investors got together to take over Central District burger joint Feed Co.

CHS reported on the sale of the 24th and Union burger joint as Scott and Heather Staples, creators of Quinn’s, Sole Repair, Zoe,  said goodbye to their last food and drink asset in the Capitol Hill and Central District area.

The new ownership says feedback helped encourage them to back off a plan to transform the restaurant into a Fusion Bites and Bar concept. Instead, they’re sticking with Feed Co. and adding a full bar while bringing “bite size appetizers” to the menu.

Everything else “will remain as is,” they promise. It’s probably a good call. When it comes to neighborhood comfort food, you definitely want to listen to the comments.

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18 thoughts on “Feed Co.’s new owners read the CHS comments: Central District joint sticking with burgers, adding booze

  1. Glad to hear they aren’t trying to change it too much. I think the addition of appetizers will be really good. They should definitely take a look at their beer selection and prices though. I never get a beer there with my burger because they are charging $2 more for a pint than Chuck’s or Neighbor Lady just across the street.

      • @ S.E. Kelly

        Why hate on Ian?? What’s your problem with pot? BTW…I didn’t know that houses had measurable intelligence. Who knew?

  2. Glad to hear you’re keeping the burger lineup and look forward to hitting up your cocktails/appetizers. I’m def with Ian on metal plates, *shudder*

  3. Hey Feed Company. How about moving your van parked on 25th for the last week? We’re not your commercial parking lot.

  4. If only they could keep their delivery trucks from creating a serious traffic hazard all the time by forcing passing traffic into the oncoming lane on a blind corner.

    I’ve spoken to them about this but they don’t seem to care about the safety of their neighbors.

  5. So happy to hear this! I love the classic feed burger, it’s the best burger in the city! Some healthier, shareable small bites would be a great addition to the menu.