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Friday morning SWAT standoff locks down Melrose — UPDATE

Seattle Police and a SWAT team set off flash bombs and closed down city streets around the Denny Terrace Apartments Friday morning in an apparent standoff with a suspect believed to be in a unit inside the Seattle Housing Authority building.

We’re waiting for more information from SPD about what precipitated the standoff but residents in the area report hearing at least three loud bangs earlier this morning. As of 8:30 AM, Melrose was closed to traffic and pedestrians between Denny and John.

(Image: Bellevue Police Department)

The suspect was reportedly armed according to SPD radio dispatches. UPDATE 8:35 AM: According to police radio updates, the suspect has been found dead inside the unit. Seattle Fire has been called to the 9th floor apartment to respond to the reported death. The scene is still active so please wait for the official all clear from Seattle Police.

UPDATE 12:40 PM: The suspect found dead in the incident was identified in Seattle Police radio updates as Adam Anthony Gua. The 28-year-old had been the subject of a Bellevue Police bulletin issued Thursday calling Gua “a dangerous armed car prowl suspect.”

Bellevue officers confronted two car prowl suspects in the past week; both had guns, and one fired his weapon. On August 29th, an officer was responding to a car prowl in progress in the area of 1600 184th Ave NE. As the officer approached the suspect, he ran away and fired a shot back at the officer. No one was injured, and investigators did find a spent bullet casing, although they did not recover the gun. K9 search teams, King County Sheriff’s Office Guardian One, Kirkland PD, Clyde Hill PD, and Redmond PD all assisted in the search but were unable to locate the suspect.

Bellevue Police say Gua was the subject of “numerous felony and misdemeanor warrants.”

UPDATE 1:50 PM: SPD reports that the suspect died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound:

Around 3:30 AM, SPD received a 911 call from a man, who requested police respond to the 100 block of Melrose Avenue East to investigate whether or not the person sleeping on his couch was, in fact, a suspect in a recent car prowl and shooting incident, involving a Bellevue Police officer. The case had recently been publicized in local media reports. When officers arrived, they spoke with the caller who confirmed that the person inside was wanted by Bellevue Police and was still armed. Patrol officers requested SWAT units respond to take over the investigation. SWAT officers and members of the Hostage Negotiations Team (HNT) attempted to speak with the suspect over the course of multiple hours, but the 28-year-old suspect refused to speak with police. At 7:20 AM, SWAT officers heard a single gunshot from inside of the apartment. Officers made entry into the unit and found the suspect dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

SPD says Bellevue Police will continue its investigation into the original incident and the King County Medical Examiners Office will take over the investigation into the death of the suspect.

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Police first arrived at the building around 4 AM, according to East Precinct radio updates. SWAT arrived around 5 AM.

This is a breaking news story and has not yet been confirmed by police.

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29 thoughts on “Friday morning SWAT standoff locks down Melrose — UPDATE

    • Flash bangs are non lethal…just loud. It’s ok..the guy prowling at cars and shooting at people made all these decisions.

    • I agree. This is my building and I live a couple of floors away. This was seriously overblown and the death appeared to be the result of the massive military/police presence. I was raised in Chicago and lived through many similar incidents.In the past even there it hadn’t taken this kind of reaction to resolve the threat. It’s the toys. You got ’em, you’ll use ’em no matter what. (Someone just died and I see a stack of boxes of donuts on a car hood. A reward for a job well done. Callous and cliche)

      • The guy who shot himself was a serial, violent criminal addict who had just tried to kill a Bellevue cop with a gun.

        The donuts rate about a “2” on the callous meter compared to what this guy did with his life every hour of every day.

      • And if anybody had “cliche” define his life, it was the perp. Every single element of his life was a pre-determined cliche, thanks to recreational drug abuse.

      • The police had his father’s phone numbers when they were trying to find him. They had his father’s phone number when the coroner called to tell him that his son was dead. So somebody (the police) please explain to me why they never called him when a swat team and a hostage negotiator spent 3 hours outside the apartment! Not one of them thought…hmmm maybe we could contact the family to try to talk to him and get him to come out? Really? I will never understand why that never happened! Never!

      • Dale, I really appreciate your opinion. You were there. My family is going through a devastating loss. I agree that this was completely over blown. Why did nobody in the three hours they were standing out there, while Adam had been sleeping did the police not call his family to see if he would talk to them? They sure called them when they were looking for him and they called his father on the phone at his business to tell him that son is dead, didn’t they? This is inexcusable to me. Had they done that I have no doubt this would have ended differently. The horror he must have been going through during that time haunts me. Having to walk out into a military style firing squad! That’s Outrageous! I will never understand why they didn’t reach out to us. A hostage negotiator? Seriously? My nephew is dead and while the swat team enjoyed their doughnuts. So so sad. Thank you again.

      • Isn’t it amazing how there are always know-it-all geniuses who think based on the sometimes-limited information contained in a news article, they know all they need to know to start passing judgement on our public safety officers?

    • If a violent drug-addled criminal with a gun shows up to your apartment after just shooting at a cop, what do you think should happen? Maybe give the guy a big hug?

      • Do you know Adam? No? Then go heap your “cliche” comments, judgments, nasty venom elsewhere. He has a family that loves and cares about him, just like you probably do. Including a family member who is also on a swat team. The way this was handled was outrageous. So maybe in the future you can think about what you say about someone that you know nothing about…especially when he has just died in such a horrific way and his
        family has just lost their only son to then they read such callous and heartless remarks is beyond cruel.

  1. Tom, and George, your idiocy is showing. The felon had been seen armed, while prowling cars, and he or his felon buddy previously fired a weapon @ law enforcement.

    Gua’s death is no loss to society.

    • Your disgusting comment on adam’s death is absolutely unnecessary. Regardless. Fuck yourself. He was a person, with a family, friends, and a life (regardless of your opinion on how he lived it). You have no idea of how he was, or why this is how things ended besides what you read on the internet. You’re probably just some self entitled city slicker pos.

      • B, I deal with people in crisis on a regular basis. However, I draw the line offering compassion when those people are violent towards others (hint – shooting at law enforcement). Also, I’ve never been called a “city slicker pos” before – funny.

      • B,
        Thank You! You are right, Adam does have a family that loves him and is beyond distraught. The self righteous peanut gallery needs to stop judging and find some compassion. Who knows, tomorrow it may someone they know and love. Thank you for standing up for someone you never met. You are exactly who we need more of in this world.

    • He was a sweet young boy who was willing to help anyone. He smiled all of the time and was full of life! I loved his presence and I love his family so you see there is and was a loss in his death!

      Thats what I remember before the State of Washington failed him with the current drug epidemic they have encouraged and advanced by making it legal to tent where you want and by not enforcing drug laws!

      Seattle is dying and this is more proof of that! Adam could have been helped and he could have been a successful part of our society but we failed him as much as he failed himself!

      You may of thought there was no loss to society but I beg to differ!

      • Thank you Joshua! I am Adam’s aunt and I agree with everything you said about him. Yes, he is a person with a very loving family whose hearts are beyond broken.
        Drugs don’t care if you are rich or poor.
        So to all of you sitting on the sidelines judging my nephew just might want to take a look around because there is no doubt there is someone near you that needs your help and understanding! Adams’ Aunt Dawny

    • Maybe not to you, but he is my nephew and has a loving family who is in a state of shock and unbelievable grief. May you never feel this pain. Look around…maybe you and righteous attitude can help someone else so this will stop happening in your society! Sounds like you have all the answers!

  2. I heard what sounded like a bomb as I was on my way to work a block away on Thomas. I looked at everyone else around me and they briefly looked around and then looked back down at their phones like nothing had happened. I assumed since people were so calm, it was maybe just construction or something.

    Then I turned onto Melrose and saw the huge SWAT response. This was around 7:40am. To my surprise, the police let me walk right through the whole scene past the apartment building and didn’t say a word to me. I saw them lowering something from a window but couldn’t tell what it was. The whole scene was bizarre.

  3. I don’t agree with some of the choices he made, but bad things happen to good people. I will remember you from the house parties years ago. When life was simpler. The truth is… People find themselves heading down the wrong path, and possibly feel consumed by it Being overwhelmed by an anchoring feeling that keeps pulling them deeper. Maybe they numb themselves to become one with this feeling…
    To anybody who feels there is no way out and that this is “the way it is”: I am urging you now.
    There is ALWAYS time to change.
    There is ALWAYS hope.
    There is always beauty in your life. Open your eyes and try to see it.


  4. Lol, this city. People whining about police brutality when the guy offed himself to avoid getting caught.

    What do you want the SPD to do when a suspect is armed and refusing to obey police commands to surrender? Give them a plushie and talk about feelings? Get a grip.

    • Call his family! They had the phone numbers when we’re looking for him and when they called to say he was dead! He was sleeping then a swat team is out there for 3 hours and not one call to ask for help getting him to surrender! Outrageous! It could’ve ended completely different.