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On the List | Climate Strike at Cal Anderson, Park(ing) Day 2019, St. Demetrios Greek Festival

On Friday, Capitol Hill’s Cal Anderson Park will be the heart and the start of the Seattle Climate Strike this Friday, organized in conjunction with “2,500 strikes planned globally and over 650 in the US alone.” The Seattle strike will begin at 9 AM in Cal Anderson with a climate activism festival in the park. For more climate action, head over to Town Hall next Tuesday, where author Naomi Klein will make a “(Burning) Case for a Green New Deal.” Find more things to do on the list below and the CHS calendar.

WEDNESDAY, Sep 18: Need help with a landlord issue? Want to help organize for better protections for renters in Seattle? The Tenant Organizing Collective of the Seattle Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America meets monthly at Broadway’s All Pilgrims “to teach each other concrete, effective organizing skills to build power at home.” All Pilgrims, 7 PM

THURSDAY, Sep 19 – THURSDAY, Oct 3: In art history, “woman” is often a category of its own. Take Artemisia Gentileschi, described as “one of the best-known women artists of the 17th century.”  Ever heard Peter Paul Rubens described as one of the best-known male artists of that time? Yeah. Anyway, the Italian Baroque artist’s life and career is now fodder for a play, “Blood Water Paint.” The play is based on the book of the same name and traces Gentileschi’s life and legacy as a painter of acclaim and “feminist hero” who successfully pressed charges against her rapist. 12th Avenue Arts 

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FRIDAY, Sep 20: Hundreds of students are set to converge on Cal Anderson for the Seattle Climate Strike as part of a week of rallies and marches around the world. The Seattle strike will begin at 9 AM in Cal Anderson. At noon, the strike will transition into a march with attendees moving from Cal Anderson to City Hall for a rally with speakers advocating to take action. Cal Anderson

Now that the new bike lanes are rider-ready on Pike, some in the neighborhood might grumble about some less parking as part of the new street design. During PARK(ing) Day, a yearly “global placemaking event in which community members temporarily transform parking spaces into people spaces” this Friday, residents get even more opportunity to reimagine what other use car parking spaces might have, such as pop-up parks, community gardens, tea parties, and game areas. And no, it’s not a superblock (yet). Various locations 

“Indelible in the Hippocampus,” is the laughter. The uproarious laughter between the two, and their having fun at my expense,” Christine Blasey Ford said during her testimony of alleged sexual assault by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh last year. For people who have experienced sexual assault (and others), the sentence itself has become indelible in the hippocampus, too.  An anthology of the same name, subtitled “Writings from the #MeToo Movement,” published by McSweeney’s, compiles an intersectional view on the movement through essays, fiction, and poetry. To celebrate the Seattle launch of the book, Hugo House pairs the anthology’s editor, Shelly Oria, with local writers Kamari Bright, Jalayna Carter, Sasha LaPointe, and Kristen Millares Young. Hugo House, 7 PM 

FRIDAY, Sep 20 – SUNDAY, Sep 22: The thought of dolmathes (delicious rice-stuffed grape leaves) should be enough to make you want to pay a visit to the yearly St. Demetrios Greek Festival this weekend. In case you’re still on the fence, here are some of the other great food options, homemade and freshly prepared by members of the church community: Greek Fries, souvlaki, Spanakopita (Spinach-cheese pita), falafel and … Baklava Sundae: chopped baklava mixed with a bit of espresso, served over vanilla ice cream and topped with whipping cream. There’s also live Greek music and dancing from St. Demetrios’ award-winning Greek dance groups.  Saint Demetrios Church, various times 

SUNDAY, Sep 22: Seattle Parks and Recreation and Volunteer Park Trust will unveil the final design for the Volunteer Park Amphitheater replacement as part of the Fall Restoration Day to help clean up and do some planting in the much loved North Capitol Hill green space. Volunteer Park, 10 AM 

TUESDAY, Sep 24: Hot damn, Town Hall makes us choose between some hot stuff this Tuesday: the earth (yes, we’re talking about climate change) and hot dykes. Allow us to explain: This coming Tuesday, comedians Clara Pluton and Val Nigro come to Town Hall for a live recording of their podcast Hot Takes w/ Hot Dykes. Over in the main hall, journalist and writer Naomi Klein will make a “(Burning) Case for a Green New Deal,” the name of her new book. Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda joins her on stage. Town Hall, 7.30 PM

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One thought on “On the List | Climate Strike at Cal Anderson, Park(ing) Day 2019, St. Demetrios Greek Festival

  1. Regarding the section about Italian artist, Gentileschi:

    Why are “women” and “male” used comparatively? Surely it should be “women” and “men” artists or “female” and “male” artists. (Fact is, it should be “female” and “male” because “women and men” artists is grammatically incorrect but, regardless, the comparatives are being mixed here).

    This odd inconsistency shows up in places like Jeopardy!, too. They’ll often have a category of “Women Authors” where “Men Authors” wouldn’t sound right because it isn’t (and, yes, I get that the default “Authors” is unfortunately assumed to be male-focused because of patriarchy).

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