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Where First Hill McDonald’s used to stand, newest Seattle Amazon Go now open

The corner of Madison and Minor is again home to a neighborhood outlet from a massive global corporation that has sparked environmental, socioeconomic, and, yes, even health concerns but is also just a place to grab a quick sandwich and be on your way.

Outfitted with cameras, scanners, and waves of radio-frequency identification, the newest Amazon Go in the world is now open on First Hill in the 1001 Minor Ave “luxury” apartment building, The Perry. Thanks to our man on First Hill @gordonwerner for the update.

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Because time is a flat circle, the new Amazon store’s address is 1122 Madison. That’s the same address the corner’s McDonald’s restaurant used before it served its final meals in early 2017 and was demolished to make way for the 17-story mixed-use project from developer Holland Partners. A representative for franchisees in the region told CHS at the time that the Madison McDonald’s has been open for about at least 17 years — but CHS commenters shared memories of this location going back to the 1970s.

Meanwhile on Capitol Hill, the larger than usual, onetime planned to be store #1 Amazon grocery remains under construction on E Pike. At more than 10,000 square feet, the E Pike Amazon store will be much larger than any of its existing automated Amazon Go cashless convenience store outlets including the First Hill shop. The company currently operates sixteen Amazon Go stores including five in Seattle.

Inside the cashless, mostly employee-less, checkout-less, quick mart concept, shoppers check-in with their phones while the shelf weight sensors log selections and an array of cameras monitor your every shopping move. Artificial intelligence guesses at exactly what you will do next in the store.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s has also made advances in its automation and self-ordering. By 2020, self-order kiosks are planned to be deployed beneath every set of golden arches. Whether McD’s will ever add another new restaurant around Capitol Hill, however, remains to be seen.

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