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Campaign for District 3 being managed from two different corners of the Central District

As the race for the District 3 seat on the Seattle City Council plays out, challenger Egan Orion’s campaign has picked an unusual headquarters as the organization tries to map out a course to victory in November.

Orion organizers have created a campaign office in the old gas station at 21st and Union where a big Egan Orion campaign mural has joined the streetscape next to Chucks Hop Shop CD and the new home of machine learning-powered — and roasted corn genius — El Costeño.

In a brief conversation on the sidewalk in front of the campaign office, Orion said the location is in the heart of his campaign territory and his home neighborhood and that he was proud to be part of activating the corner lot.

In August, CHS reported on the community effort to apply environmental design principles to help address crime and safety issues in the area following a deadly shooting at the 21st and Union corner. Along with new murals, the food truck, and some tables and benches, the Orion headquarters, at least through November, will add to the effort.

The property is owned by neighborhood real estate investor and entrepreneur Ian Eisenberg who bought the lot in 2015 for just over $1 million with possible long-term redevelopment plans. Eisenberg declined to comment on the headquarters other than to say it is “great to see the space activated and have people walking around versus an empty lot.”  “Good food too,” Eisenberg added.

D3 incumbent Kshama Sawant’s team, meanwhile, is also managing her campaign from the Central District with offices in a storefront at 30th and Cherry. That building is owned by the Madrona Apartments company and Dave Sharkey, co-founder of the Anew Apartments microhousing developer.

Sawant’s campaign said the reasons for choosing the corner of 30th and Cherry for their headquarters were pretty straightforward. The space was affordable and centrally located in District 3.

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6 thoughts on “Campaign for District 3 being managed from two different corners of the Central District

    • Ian Eisenberg once again shoving his political agenda down the throats of everyone in the neighborhood under the humble guise of neighborhood revitalization efforts. This is why I choose to shop at Ponder and eat at Chuckies.

      • Both your responses seem like hyper over reactions to the simple act of locating a campaign headquarters in a Property. What is the big deal about that?

      • Glenn: Both you and Brian N. have reached a level of obsession with replying to my comments that I find creepy and frankly sad. Try not to let the things I write consume you to your core. Just let it go.

      • Glenn, looks like Sasha is on to us. Time for us regather at shop and plot less obvious ways to obsess over her.

        Real talk Sasha: I live in the CD, so do you. We both feel passionately about our neighborhood and sometimes that means our paths digitally cross on this site by the way of replies to each other’s comments. Personally I enjoy reading your perspectives/replies even if we rarely see eye-to-eye.

  1. Correction. 30th and Cherry is in Madrona, a “nicer” part of town. Also, I have recently been to several community meetings this year, and Egan was at those meetings in person, Kshama sent representatives.