Capitol Hill Housing has eight new name ideas to bounce off you

Capitol Hill Housing’s quest for a new name to reflect its work beyond its birth neighborhood is ready for the next phase.

Through October 14th, the nonprofit developer of affordable housing communities is collecting feedback on eight options and weighing how they reflect against the organization’s key values:

  • We believe each and every person has the right to a quality, affordable home.
  • Our approach is community-centered and built on deep-rooted partnerships because it requires all of us to foster healthy communities.
  • Equitable access to housing is essential. When all people are welcome, home is the foundation for communities that are healthy, sustainable, and economically and socially diverse.

The eight options you’ll be weighing in on? Here you go:

  • Common Thread Housing
  • Community Roots Housing
  • Community Forward Housing
  • Community Roots
  • Arrive Community Housing
  • Greenline Communities & Housing
  • Common Future Housing
  • Groundwork Housing

The choices definitely emphasize community and are geography-free. None of the eight leaps out for us as the obvious winner. It’s not clear if CHH is interested in write-ins at this point. UPDATE: The first option was mistakenly listed as “Community Thread Housing” in the CHH survey. It has since been corrected to “Common Thread Housing.” We have updated our post to reflect the change.

You can take the survey here through October 14th.


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7 thoughts on “Capitol Hill Housing has eight new name ideas to bounce off you

  1. Not thrilled with any of the names. The word “community” is too overused. Better if it doesn’t sound like low income housing, especially since many of their rents are $1000+

  2. Capitol Hill Housing is a public corporation organized by the City of Seattle pursuant to State and Municipal Law. This needs to be reflected in the name. Also, Capitol Hill Housing has lobbied for things like the HALA rezoning – effectively violating ethics in my opinion – as most taxpayers don’t know that this is a City of Seattle organization.

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