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No injuries reported in Sunday afternoon shootout across from Garfield High School

An image from the scene sent to CHS shows bullet damage to a floating car share vehicle’s window

A late Sunday afternoon shootout near 23rd and Jefferson across from Garfield High School left one vehicle parked at the scene riddled with bullet holes. There were no reported injuries and no arrests.

Police were called to the scene just before 4:30 PM to a report of at least two people fighting in the street among a group of bystanders.

Minutes later, multiple callers reported seven to ten shots, according to East Precinct radio updates.

Arriving officers found no victims at the scene but at least one car — a floating car share vehicle — was shot up. Police found shell casings from multiple guns, according to radio updates.

The shooting incident comes after a long stretch of relatively few gun violence incidents across the Central District with stepped up gang emphasis patrols in the wake of last spring’s fatal shooting at 21st and Union.

According to SPD (PDF), citywide shots fired reports so far in 2019 are on pace with 2018’s drop from a major spike across 2015, 2016, and 2017.


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22 thoughts on “No injuries reported in Sunday afternoon shootout across from Garfield High School

    • Actually. That is what causes gangs to form. Social inequality.

      How are more cops supposed to stop the problem? All that does is create more conflict and tension.

      • Yeah, cops going undercover infiltrating gangs and drug rings, breaking them up and making arrests causes lots of problems! OMG.

      • Louise, if people weren’t constantly poor and kept down they wouldn’t have to seek drug dealing etc. to make a living. It’s very simple. Get a floor and tax the billionaires so poor people aren’t poor anymore. Need a salary floor.

      • I grew up poor in the CD. My parents were in Yesler Terrace before we moved through various houses in the CD. I never joined a gang or sold drugs or shot anyone.

    • gosh, only the poor turn to drug dealing and other crimes because drugs and gangs never happen in affluent neighborhoods…?

      criminal enterprise exists at all socio-economic levels Trumpf

  1. My kid takes a school bus that passes that intersection every afternoon at 4. Can we have more cops please, STAT, and put them at these trouble intersections? She also goes to camp at Coyote Central – and is only 11. Kids there every day, from the schools, tons of them. It serves nobody to have poor policing when our kids lives are at stake. Someone should have been arrested.

    • Cops don’t stop gangs. This is proven time and time again. They only make MORE gangs. Jeeze look at Chicago. They step up their police force in problem areas of the city yearly and the gang membership only gets bigger. More aggression isn’t the answer! Fix the social disparity first!!!

      • Where are your data on more cops=more gang activity. That does not make any sense.

        We need to fix social problems but right now we have a gang problem and we need more cops now to arrest people and show a presence to deter them, so we don’t have any more deaths.

      • “Fixing the social disparity,” if that happens at all, will take decades if not generations. In the meantime, the police must enforce law&order.

        Those who advocate only for reducing inequality (a worthy cause, for sure) are using that as an excuse to not deal with current problems.

  2. Where is the police presence in these vulnerable areas? We need more police presence around the schools! Rarely are police seen anywhere. What are they doing?
    Show you are protecting snd serving and be present. Especially for our children!

    • Then they will just shoot up some other area.

      Need to fix the problem at the core and not just throw a band aid on it.

      • We have deep problems, with gun availability and kids who are poorly raised with bad morals. But we also need more cops, this city has grown like crazy and this activity at 4:30 pm on Sunday is brazen. It shows that they know there will be no consequences. Please, hire some cops.

      • WHAT problem?!
        Stop making bullshit excuses for this moronic behavior.
        I’ve lived in this neighborhood for 15 years and less than a half a block away from where this happened.
        There are plenty of community centers,mentor programs and god forbid-JOBS in this city to keep these little idiots occupied.
        The only problems these kids face are boredom,lack of discipline and bad parenting.
        Stop blaming the boogeyman and pull your head out of the sand for Christ’s sake.
        It’s so infuriating to hear this narrative.
        Problems? Send em to some war torn country with real problems. Here’s a gun Big D, go play shoot em up against some real bad guys and tell us again why your life here in Seattle is so bad.

  3. My sense is that it was not gang related. There 8-10 kids but none injured and the shooter was from one of the cars watching the girls fight. I don’t get it.

  4. It seems like its safer around there when the sanctioned encampment is behind the gas station. Then it gets hot again when they move.