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Who shot who? Police aren’t sure but one charged in Baltic Room shootout

Police weren’t sure who shot who but one person who was hit in the last call Saturday shooting outside Capitol Hill nightclub The Baltic Room has been charged with illegal gun possession.

Amrico Flight, 30, was charged last week with first degree unlawful possession of a firearm. Police say the convicted felon was stopped by arriving officers at the Saturday, October 5th shooting as he tried to limp from the scene after suffering multiple gunshot wounds to his left torso, left arm, left leg, and “hip area.”

Police say another victim was found with a gunshot wound to his right calf. According to the report on the incident, police were unable to determine if the second person who was hit was shot by the Flight and that it was also not clear who had shot Flight. Police say there may be another suspect or suspects in the shootout and that ballistic tests were expected to yield more information.

Flight currently faces no additional charges and is held in King County Jail on $400,000 bail for the possession charge and a warrant for a failure to appear in a previous case. Prosecutors say Flight has been a known gang member and has a “violent criminal history” including a 2014 drug conviction and two assault convictions.

According to the SPD report on the shootout, police were called to the scene outside the Baltic Room just after 2 AM to a report of a fight and loud argument involving “nine intoxicated customers” refusing to leave the caller’s vehicle. Gunshots rang out just as police arrived.

The arriving officer who spotted Flight held him at gunpoint and ordered him to drop his weapon, a Taurus 9mm. Police say a round was chambered in the pistol and six 9mm casings were found at the scene. Two people — including Flight — were taken to Harborview.

CHS talked with the club’s new ownership about their response to the shooting and additional security precautions and changes at the club in the wake of the gun violence.

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Alex S.
Alex S.
1 year ago

So, he’s a known gang member who got caught with a handgun in December… yet, he’s released only 11 days later?

Then he’s arrested again three months later and spends less than 24 hours in jail? Now, he’s got another gun and discharging it around innocent bystanders in a dense neighborhood??

Instead of having a rally & march against guns, why don’t we try doing something that actually PREVENTS gun violence? Such as: locking-up and convicting violent drug-dealing gang members who consider guns as a simple tool of their chosen trade.

And when these hustla bros shoot-outs spray bullets all around public spaces, the dozens of witnesses / friends of the perps magically never to seem to see anything.

And people wonder why the cycle of gun violence continues.

I cannot stand the NRA, but they start making a lot more sense when compared to this cycle of self-inflicted stupidity and insanity that never seems to end. By design.