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Election Day 2019 notes: Capitol Hill ballot box stuffed, District 3 parties, Sawant campaign calls for extra time

As the final hours of the 2019 General Election campaigns are playing out, ballot boxes are overflowing, parties are being planned, and one candidate is asking for overtime. Here are a few notes from Election Day 2019 on Capitol Hill.

  • Drop box overflowing: King County Elections says it is doing what it can to keep the Capitol Hill drop box clear for more ballots after waves of voters have continued to fill the Broadway receptacle in front of Seattle Central College to the brim. Workers are on hand to help out. You can also drop your ballot in the Central District at the Garfield Community Center as 23rd and Cherry. A map of the King County drop boxes can be found here.
  • Extra time? The Sawant campaign Tuesday morning responded to the stuffed ballot box issue with a call for King County Elections to extend voting until 10 PM. Ballots are required to be turned in by 8 PM:
    Voters trying to vote before work may have to go to other boxes. With Amazon trying to buy this election, working people should have every chance to vote! If you can, please call the King County Elections Board to demand an extension of all dropbox hours till 10:00pm: 206-296-8683
  • Late voters: Sawant’s camp should definitely care. Late voters have been a key element in her past victories. This summer’s primary was no exception as the incumbent City Council member stretched her lead with nearly every new count after Election Night.
  • Dead heat? Speaking of, smart money seems to be on a very close first count after 8 PM Tuesday. We’ll be interested to hear from the campaigns as they spin the early results.
  • Parties: Want to be part of the Election Night drama? Challenger Egan Orion will be partying at Sole Repair while you’ll find the Sawant crew in the Central District at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute.
  • Signs: Both sides in the D3 race have reported graffiti and vandalism to their campaign signs throughout the course of the election. CHS is aware of the issue. Thanks for your reports. Don’t trash people’s signs.
  • Get out the vote: Here is how it is going down — phone banking, text banking, and Sawant canvassers vs. Orion canvassers on the streets of D3.
  • Still deciding? Read the candidate’s positions in their own words — A battle over Amazon? Sawant vs. Orion in their own words on District 3 issues — housing, homelessness, public safety, and the environment
  • Beyond D3: Believe it or not, this election is about more than Sawant and Orion — Beyond Sawant vs. Orion, plenty more big decisions on the November ballot: County Council, affirmative action, Tim Frickin’ Eyman’s car tab B.S.

CHS will have full coverage of the first results Tuesday night around 8 PM. Tune in.

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29 thoughts on “Election Day 2019 notes: Capitol Hill ballot box stuffed, District 3 parties, Sawant campaign calls for extra time

  1. You may want to watch your headline terminology….. ‘stuffing’ a ballot box implies that at least one candidate is cheating…..

      • What has Sawant done to “help homelessness”? Not much. How about for shelter beds in her own district? How about for at risk children housed in her own district raped by a homeless guy in his tent, also in her district? Not much. She has had her chance and has not represented her district or managed to be the at-large candidate she wants to be but wasn’t elected to be. So fail fail. Good riddance.

  2. I’m fine that they extend the time. Who cares. Validate the election and make sure each voter is a legal voter. I agree that they don’t have enough boxes if the boxes don’t have enough flow. I also think that we need to revolutionize our voting system so ballet boxes are not a thing. And yes I know you can mail them in. Maybe mention that on the box that they can also drop them off at the post office.

    As for politics of the candidates. I’m just happy we have two liberal candidates that generally carry my values. I know they are two extremes of liberalism. But appreciate that we don’t have the crazy that is playing out on the national stage (which consequences could carry through to our backyard).

    A healthy and passionate race makes for good politics and an engaged electorate. I appreciate all of your passion and voting!

    Try to be civil and not look at a person at the other end of the liberal perspective as the enemy. We have enough worries about that with the true extreme Trump right on our national level to hate each other here.

  3. Voted Egan. BY MAIL. Sewant was the reason why the Amazon tax failed. Enjoy her again, she will not give you rent control. She will not give you anything you want.