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I drank this *in the Central District*: Paper Plane at The Neighbor Lady

The bartender at E Union’s The Neighbor Lady, Tom, let CHS know it wasn’t a fancy cocktail bar, before he made us a fancy cocktail. He did not waste his time informing us that we were in the Central District for an episode of “I drank this on Capitol Hill.”

The Paper Plane is a classic, with equal parts Rye whiskey, lemon juice, Aperol, and Amaro Nonino. Tom has been working at Neighbor Lady since before they were open, over 10 years ago, so he knows what he’s doing. If nothing else, stop in to hang out and have a beer — or a fancy cocktail.

I drank this on Capitol Hill is a semiregular photographic tour of some of Capitol HIll’s best cocktails and libations. Have a suggestion for something we should drink? Let us know in comments.

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7 thoughts on “I drank this *in the Central District*: Paper Plane at The Neighbor Lady

    • Such BS. No they don’t. Ikes hires a lot of black folks so enough already. And re: gentrification….unless everything stays the same its gentrification so spare us all please.

  1. AND while they took over an African-American owned bar’s space (Thompson’s Point of View), the previous bar had sort of foundered by itself (death of original owners??) so in no sense did The Neighbor Lady displace or gentrify.

    • Thank you, Andrew, for your kind words and your never ending advocacy for the neighborhood we both love. It was almost 21 years ago to the day that you and I went toe to toe until I proved to you that I had the best intentions in mind. A great example of how opinions can be changed when people actually talk to one another. Keep up the good work!

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