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Juice Club planning a ‘natural wine party’ on E Denny Way

Organic, low intervention, simply complex, imbued with possible health benefits, it is no surprise that natural wine is becoming the official beverage of our times — or, at least, the official beverage of Capitol Hill, Seattle circa 2020.

Juice Club, a popular pop-up project that has grown into a Seattle phenomenon around the city’s bar scene, is making plans for its first rooted investment with a new joint on E Denny Way on the ground level of the Saint Florence.

The E Denny facing space in the 1914-built masonry apartment building just up from the E Olive Way intersection underwent a recent overhaul and is awaiting a new tenant. A state liquor license application shows the Club lining up to create a new “beer/wine specialty shop” in the space indicating a project leaning more toward the event and retail end of the natural wine spectrum.

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Last week, natural wine-focused bar La Dive debuted on E Pike with “chambong” champagne bongs and a dark, comfortable, but pink bar-topped vibe. Natural wine will also be a large part of the offerings on tap at the new self-pour wine and beer concept coming together in the old Roy Street Coffee location on North Broadway.

The Stranger reported in September on the creation of partners Matt Lucas and Ben Chaykin and the Juice Club’s popular pop-ups, “wine bar parties, offering wines by the glass and select small plates at a diverse cross section of establishments.” What the party will do with a new Club house is anybody’s guess.

The plans for E Denny, for now, are a mystery. Juice Club’s partners are a secretive bunch — “Natural wine party based in Seattle — Don’t fucking tell anybody,” their tagline reads. They have not yet responded to our inquiries about the project. The first rule of Juice Club? Don’t talk about Juice Club.

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6 thoughts on “Juice Club planning a ‘natural wine party’ on E Denny Way

  1. I love hipsters! They are so unique and spontaneous in exactly the same way at exactly the same time. Natural wine, no its’s kombucha, no it’s cider, no it’s slacklining, no it’s burlesques, no it’s civil war beards, nope it’s Betty Page bangs, nope it’s cupcakes, no it’s pizza, gluten free. The herd rules!

  2. “‘Natural wine party based in Seattle — Don’t fucking tell anybody,’ their tagline reads.”

    Woooo! I love it. 2 cool 4 skewl. And the Lisa Frank crowd is killin’ it with the high-waisted acid wash, the 1988 wire frames, and the all-white Air Seinfelds with the extra thick sole.

    I love the robust, curated experience of a pop-up.

    What the fuck is “natural” wine?

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