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Read the CHS comments: SDOT makes correction to Capitol Hill ride-hail zone signage

You don’t want to read all comments — but you should read the CHS comments, for sure.

The Seattle Department of Transportation tells CHS it is making a simple change to clarify its signage for the new Capitol Hill “ride-hail zone” after a mistake was spotted by an eagle-eyed CHS reader.

The new zone, which directs Lyft and Uber drivers and riders to specific pick-up locations to try to clear up street congestion in the Pike/Pine nightlife district, was intended to be in effect during the neighborhood’s most intense demand for the ride services on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

But the way the signs were worded put the pick-up spot parking restrictions in effect — technically — on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from midnight to 3 AM.

Reader Erica was quick to spot the issue. “Is anyone else confused about why they wouldn’t include Saturday night in this plan?,” she wrote. “Ending the passenger loading only rule at 3am on Saturday doesn’t make any sense. It should be 3 am on Sunday.”

Good point.

SDOT says a simple sticker change will correct the signs. A spokesperson also tells CHS the pilot’s first weekend “went well” and that Seattle Police “left educational materials on cars parked in the pick-up zones and did not issue citations.”

The pilot — the city’s first test of geofencing a busy neighborhood to restrict and better control ride-hail traffic — is slated to continue indefinitely with changes and updates to the program as necessary.

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9 thoughts on “Read the CHS comments: SDOT makes correction to Capitol Hill ride-hail zone signage

  1. hello, there is no 12am and no 12pm. there is 12 noon and 12 midnight. the “m” stands for meridian, or midpoint, otherwise known as 12 o’clock. if you’re going to fix it, fix the whole thing.

  2. Things I’ve learned from iluvcaphill today: 1) all police officers when bored will undoubtedly commit acts of violence acts against PoCs 2) SDOT employees are idiots.

    Any other public servants you’re looking to disparage or are you good for the night?

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