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CHS Pics | #impeachandremove — Seattle rallies for Trump impeachment

Hundreds rallied in downtown Seattle Tuesday night in advance of a day of debate and decision in the House of Representatives on the impeachment — and removal — of President Donald Trump

“This is a day of accountability and defending our democracy,” WA-07 Representative and member of the body’s judiciary committee Pramila Jayapal said during her part of an expected six hours of debate to proceed the House votes Wednesday.

“Our founders entrusted us with the awesome responsibility of protecting our democracy, which gets its power not from the bloodlines of monarchs but from the votes of ‘We, the People.’ Without that, we are no longer a democracy, we are a monarchy or a dictatorship. And so today, to uphold my oath to Constitution and country, I will vote to impeach Donald J. Trump.”

The House votes on the two articles — Article I: Abuse of Power and Article II: Obstruction of Congress — were expected to take place between 1 and 3 PM Seattle time.

The long day on the other Capitol Hill will close out 2019 with what is expected to be the first impeachment of a president since Bill Clinton in 1998. Clinton was acquitted in the Senate a month later.

2020 will begin with a similar battle for Trump — and the nation.

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