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One shot in Pine nightlife shootout — UPDATE

A shootout involving multiple gunmen left one person down with life threatening injuries in a bout of gunfire amid Pike/Pine nightlife crowds early Sunday morning.

Seattle Fire was called for one of the reported shooters down at Pine and Melrose where an officer found the man on the pavement on the north side of the intersection and began CPR while others fanned out around the area in search of one or two possible additional shooters in the 2:20 AM incident.

Police were collecting evidence including multiple shell casings and talking to witnesses at the shooting scene outside Pine nightclub the Baltic Room, the scene of another similar shootout in October.

Gang detectives were called to the scene Sunday morning.

We do not have additional information about the 26-year-old man’s condition but he was transported to Harborview according to East Precinct radio updates. UPDATE: Police say the man was shot in the leg. Seattle Fire says he was in stable condition at the time he was transported to the hospital.

I think someone just got shot tonight in Capitol Hill. Anyone see/hear anything? from SeattleWA

Pine was closed from Boren to Bellevue during the response and investigation.

Another shooting in Seattle was reported near Rainier and Othello during the Pine response.

UPDATE 11:30 AM: Police have released a brief on the incident but say they are still working to establish details after witnesses “gave conflicting versions of what happened” —

Witnesses began calling 911 at 2:20 am to report a shooting in the 1200 block of Pine Street. As police flooded the area they received additional information that people were doing CPR on the victim. Officers found the person who had been shot in the leg and provided first aid until he was taken to Harborview Medical Center by medics. Detectives with the Gang unit spoke with multiple witnesses who gave conflicting versions of what happened. Detectives are now examining evidence left at the scene to develop a suspect description. Anyone with information in this case is asked to call the tip line at (206)233-5000.

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29 thoughts on “One shot in Pine nightlife shootout — UPDATE

    • If all places where shootings happened in or near were closed down, there would barely be any places to be. Your so called solution is ham handed, ridiculous and ineffective. What you’re objecting to is the location of the violence in your neighborhood, not the violence in the broader region which is actually what needs to be addressed. Meanwhile go ahead and buy out the Baltic Room and open a yarn store. But make sure to sell fabric body bags if you want to make a profit and stay open.

    • Really, we have that many shootings in public spaces we’d have to close the neighborhood? Geez, I better start packing heat myself. I agree addressing violence is the key, but it’s a more involved issue and takes time. So in the meantime, while trying to minimize gun violence, I see no reason to keep an establishment open that invites it in.

  1. I heard the shots from my apartment, and saw the scene unfold once the police arrived. The ambulance wasn’t in a hurry to leave, so I assume the victim died. Gun violence is an epidemic, but the pattern of the location can’t be ignored. Liquor Control needs to investigate the Baltic Room.

  2. I have lived right next to this place for a year and there have been four shootings involving the clientele at Baltic Room. It’s so problematic. Please shut that place down.

      • Yep, still a neighbor with young kids who is tired of the armed robberies.

        But I’m sure the threatening sign they put up will do the trick! That’s family friendly and neighborhood appropriate.

        Love it when the gun violence defenders come out of the woodwork! I see you Zach and Sasha! You don’t care and you think the neighborhood deserves this. Super! Makes me feel all neighborly!

      • Keep dreaming Ruckus fans. Just like the Baltic Room, Ruckus has been the site of multiple shootings this year. Both should be closed under the nuisance business ordinance.

        Guess what, neighbors get pissed off when businesses become the site of repeated serious crimes. Who’s fault is that? Is it my fault for being scared and angry? No! It’s their fault for being negligent and irresponsible. So, if you want Ruckus to stick around address your complaints to them, and not to me.

  3. Typing “Shut it down!” in the comments section of a neighborhood blog isn’t going to make a bit of difference. If you want the place shut down you need to actually make the effort to contact appropriate city officials, probably multiple times.

    • Point taken. But I would like to think that city officials, including the SPD, actually monitor neighborhood blogs….because it would be a good way to stay aware of what issues are important to Seattle citizens.

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