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Capitol Hill masked superhero Phoenix Jones charged for selling Molly at a downtown Starbucks

(Image: Phoenix Jones)

The man known as Pacific Northwest vigilante Phoenix Jones — who became Seattle famous patrolling the streets of Capitol Hill as a masked superhero in the mid 2010s —  has been charged for allegedly selling Molly out of the 3rd Ave Starbucks and bringing coke to the Silver Cloud across from T-Mobile Park.

KOMO was first to report the charges against Benjamin Fodor and his alleged accomplice Tuesday:

A witness told detectives they could not believe Fodor had not been caught yet by authorities, paving the way for an undercover sting operation designed to catch the superhero that turned to a life of a crime. The operation revealed Fodor sold MDMA or “Molly” to an undercover narcotics detective Nov. 21 at a Starbucks at 999 3rd Avenue.

According to court documents, police say Fodor was paid $300 via Venmo after allegedly selling methylenedioxymethamphetamine, also known as Molly, to an undercover cop in a deal made at the Starbucks at 3rd and Madison.

Police say they also engaged in a series of sex and drug-tinged text strings with Fodor trying to arrange a drug buy on Thanksgiving and, in January, arranged a meeting with a female undercover officer and friends where Fodor “would bring cocaine to share and party with.”

Fodor and his alleged accomplice were taken into custody at the stadium area hotel. Police say they recovered a tackle box full of drugs in the bust:

Fodor was briefly jailed and released. He faces two counts of Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act. He’ll return to court to enter a plea in the case next week.

CORRECTION: This post erroneously identified the Starbucks involved in this story as the Westlake Starbucks. The Starbucks in the police report is located downtown at 3rd and Madison. 

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26 thoughts on “Capitol Hill masked superhero Phoenix Jones charged for selling Molly at a downtown Starbucks

    • Uh, to catch criminals; that’s why police can do stings. Plus, Jones offered to provide drugs to a complete stranger that was texting him (Why would you ever respond to a rando that texts “Wassup”?) so it sounds like it’s his own fault.

      • That makes the cops criminals in my book.

        Entrapment is insanely wrong.

        Arrest half of Seattle if small amounts of drugs are a huge enough problem to trick a man into being arrested

    • This is a sad reminder of what the rampant and u checked economic boom in this city has done to its former heros. We need a rental cash assistance program immediately to help stem the tide of wealth putting people out on the streets and into vulnerable situations like this man, resorting to illicit activities to support himself amidst the disgusting tidal wave of rich people that have washed into the city in the last 10 years.

      • Oh come on. No one “forced” him to become a drug dealer. He could have chosen to get a legitimate (legal) job and support himself that way, like most people do.

    • “Entrapment is a practice whereby a law enforcement agent or agent of the state induces a person to commit a “crime” that the person would have otherwise been unlikely or unwilling to commit.”

      Jones offered to provide drugs to a random stranger without coercion; willingly. He proffered the the criminal act. No different than if an undercover cop walked up to a dealer on the sidewalk and the dealer asks the cop if they want some drugs.

    • Read it….. the officer never asked to buy drugs from the guy, he simply mentioned he had plans to do some. The guy then offers, completely on his own to sell him some…… definitely not entrapment.

      • So you’re saying giving away drugs would somehow be less illegal than selling them…. but it’s totally moot anyway, because he clearly did sell to the officer, he took $300 in exchange for MDMA via Venmo nonetheless… and that is what he was busted over, not simply the text conversation, which was just the initial contact.

      • That’s literally what I’m saying. If I go buy a six pack and say “Hey, don’t worry, you can have some of mine, just put in on it.” I’m not selling liquor without a license.
        Putting in on someone sharing does not make you a drug dealer. This just makes SPD look dumb as hell

      • Your analogy just wrong….

        It’s like you bought a six pack and sold a couple cans out of it to a *14 year old*…. It’s completely illegal and you can be busted if you do it.

        SPD certainly isn’t the one who looks dumb here.

  1. I find this bizarre. Our police are going through all this effort to catch drug dealers when it doesn’t need to be this difficult. Just walk outside on any given street in Seattle and there are rampant drugs being sold in front of everyone in public, and people shooting up on the street. People get arrested for drugs and various drug-related crimes and promptly released back onto the streets with little to no consequences.

    My landlord chased away some vagrants who were in the midst of a drug transaction in front of cops who were also parked nearby. They dropped their stash and ran away and when my landlord tried to give the drugs and paraphernalia to the cops and asked if they were going to do anything, he was basically told the police aren’t able to do anything and that they didn’t care about his concerns. They wouldn’t even take the drugs and told him to dispose of the bag of heroin he was holding himself! This city is so broken.

  2. On a similar note, I saw touchy Rainbow Man on the sidewalk the other day, so he is out of the slammer.

    I wonder if the usual criminal apologists here think those kids at Seattle Center entrapped him, too.

  3. Hey give a Sup a break, outside of selling Tech stuff to warmongers or inheriting a batlode of cash, they need a way to earn some dough also, to support their fight for justice and the american way.

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