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Hoping for heights well beyond the street’s old Mongolian Grill, Star Fusion & Bar coming to Broadway

(Image: Star)

The most recent ripple of Capitol Hill closures is being quickly followed by a wave of nimble new projects in the not long empty spaces. On Broadway, the restaurant reborn for a short time as a Mexican joint after a long life as Dilettante’s neighborhood home will welcome a new project ready to take off in coming weeks.

Star brings together a family of restaurant veterans for a new project built around true Mongolian flavors and dishes. Nostalgists, don’t expect anything like the Broadway Mongolian Grill joint that once stood where you find Capitol Hill Station’s west entrance today.

“That’s not real Mongolian food,” Ernie Enkhtaivan said dismissively of the Mongolian grill cuisine cliche.

Star’s menu will feature a lot of beef and lamb, Enkhtaivan said, but homemade potstickers are a better example of the directions he is hoping to take along with Japanese fusion items like noodle soups, and Japanese appetizers. Star will also feature a full bar.

Enkhtaivan and his family business partners took over the space late last year as Añejo Restaurant and Tequila Bar couldn’t keep up with the high costs of the relatively large 3,000-square-foot restaurant after only 18 months of business.

New to the Seattle area from the Bay Area, Enkhtaivan said he is tackling Seattle’s expensive business and restaurant labor environment with lots of help from family — his two chefs in the Star kitchen are also his brothers in law.

The changeover from the previous project won’t take long. Enkhtaivan said they’re making a few changes inside the space but there won’t be any construction to take care of before opening. “It will have a different feel and better atmosphere,” he promises. With a liquor license already in place, you should see Star open for business in early February.

Star is located at 538 Broadway E. There’s no website or Facebook page yet — stay tuned.

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8 thoughts on “Hoping for heights well beyond the street’s old Mongolian Grill, Star Fusion & Bar coming to Broadway

  1. Ugh. I’d love some more diversity in the eateries opening on the hills. Especially Broadway. With the Japanese grill opening almost across the street from Star very soon after, we’ll have very little besides Asian restaurants on this street. I guess it’s good I like Asian fare, but still. [sigh]

    • Annapurna Cafe, Herb & Bitter Public House, Corvus & Company, Baitshop, DeLuxe, Blue Moon, Dicks, Witness, Olmstead, La Cocina & Cantina, Altura, Cook Weaver, Carrelo, Due’ Cucina Italiana, Due’ Cucina Italiana, Tacos Chuckis, Americana, Queen Sheba, etc. etc.

      You’re right, the variety sucks.

    • I’d like some some better quality everyday options, like Spice Walla, or Smith’s (new menu), Rondo (little underrated for the price imo), hopefully they won’t be like Monsoon prices.

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