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A chain that lasted 10 years on Capitol Hill, Panera Bread set to close on Broadway

Broadway’s reputation for chewing up chains and spitting them up lives on. Kind of.

After a decade of service and tables busy with Seattle Central students who may or may not have bought something to eat, Capitol Hill’s location of the Panera Bread will close at the end of the month.

Thanks to the CHS readers letting us know about the sign going up announcing the impending closure.

Panera is a St. Louis-based company which also owns Au Bon Pain is part of the global JAB Holding Company. Last year, JAB, which also owns the Stumptown coffee chain, came under increased scrutiny over its founding family’s Nazi past.

The Capitol Hill Panera debuted in 2010 in the Broadway Building amid a roster of chain businesses joining the development coming out of the global economic downturn of the late 2000s. A representative for Hunters Capital, the Capitol Hill-based developer that owns and manages the building tells CHS that there is already a new tenant lined up to replace Panera but couldn’t reveal what business was incoming to the Broadway and Pine development due to a nondisclosure agreement.

Expect some changes and a new business that is probably not a restaurant. The new tenant will require a permitted “change of use” with the city.

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10 thoughts on “A chain that lasted 10 years on Capitol Hill, Panera Bread set to close on Broadway

      • The couple of times I used one of them, my experience was that they neither over-treated nor over-charged. Some have different payment scales for people paying cash. No, they’re not sliding scale clinics like Country Doctor. But there’s still Country Doctor on 19th or the walk-in Country Doctor night clinic at Swedish/Cherry Hill for that. Your resentment seems misplaced. Our screwed up healthcare system isn’t the fault of these walk-in clinics. A lot of people like them and probably need them.

  1. My view of Panera will be forever colored by its ill-conceived foray into scam soup kitchens known as “Panera Cares Cafes” (Portland had one for a while) where the signage and company PR explicitly invited customers to pay whatever they wished or could afford, but whose staff called out, berated and shamed anyone who dared pay a penny less than full price — for food that they were already getting a tax write-off for (“Panera Cares” was a separate, allegedly charitable organization). Nasty company, overpriced and underwhelming product. Won’t miss it one bit.

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