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Capitol Hill cocktails by appointment, The Doctor’s Office set to open on E Olive Way

(Image: The Doctor’s Office)

The era of the Capitol Hill speakeasy is long gone. You’re living in the Capitol HIll by appointment era.

Faster than you can open a new urgent care clinic on Broadway, food and drink entrepreneurs are concocting new reservations-only, personalized experiences. The latest is ready for its first patients, er, customers on E Olive Way.

The Doctor’s Office, bringing together the talents of bar manager Keith Waldbauer, kitchen director Rene Gutierrez, and honest to goodness doctor and owner Dr. Matthew Powell, is billed as a 12-seat “intimate global spirits tasting room with classic cocktails and an emphasis on personalized service” with a menu of “freshly grilled, seasonal” skewers available inside or on the street at the bar’s walk-up window.

It opens officially Friday night. Reservations are highly recommended.

Last summer, CHS talked with the first-time bar owner Dr. Powell about his new venture with Seattle food and drink expert Waldbauer, an outgrowth of the relationship the men started over pours when Waldbauer was part of the ownership at Liberty on 15th Ave E. “Let’s see if we can create that environment where people end up in a conversation about what whiskey they’re drinking,” Powell said of his goals for the new venture.

(Image: The Doctor’s Office)

The Doctor’s Office opens seven months later after an extensive overhaul to the former Blue Stone Bistro which sold to make room for the new bar.

The small, seat-limited venue with a booze and skewer menu 15 pages long joins a movement toward compact, customized, and, yes, often high end dining and drinking experiences on Capitol Hill. Taneda, a tiny sushi restaurant hidden away inside the Broadway Alley, has led the way with national accolades for chef Hideaki Taneda’s exacting touches.

While the emphasis at The Doctor’s Office is on a similar “by appointment” specialized treatment, “walk-ins will be accommodated as space is available,” the new venue promises.

The Doctor’s Office is located at 1631 E Olive Way. Both the bar and the TDO Skewers are available daily starting at 4 PM. Closed Mondays. You can learn more at

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